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Liebherr Domestic Appliance division is a high quality German manufacturer of refrigeration products that encompasses domestic fridge, freezer and fridge freezer models and also manufacturers high quality commercial refrigeration units.

Liebherr is a family owned business and has been since it's inception in 1949 and, although known popularly for their heavy plant and crane machinery used in the construction industry, have carved an enviable reputation as a quality refrigerator manufacturer. The company employs over 35,000 people across 130 countries.

In our opinion, Liebherr is about as good a domestic refrigerator as you can buy. The quality of the plastics, the build and the components that Liebherr use far and away exceeds that of its nearest rivals. This does mean that Liebherr products are considerably more expensive but, it also means that they are far more durable and long lasting, making them better value for money over the life of the appliance.

Liebherr also manufacture Miele refrigeration units.

  Liebherr Market Position

In our opinion this is best described as above, if you want a better domestic refrigeration unit and even some commercial then be prepared to spend an inordinately greater amount than you will for a Liebherr machine.

They are by far one of the best domestic refrigeration products that you can buy today. And yes, it is worth the extra over lesser products.

So Liebherr sits more or less at the top end of the market before you get into very specialised appliances. But, the prices are not outrageous.

  Liebherr Service

Service on Liebherr products was carried out by a national network of repair agents maintained by Independent Service (ISDAL) until its demise in 2012 with the collapse of the HI Group where Liebherr embarked on building its own network of independent repair agents to look after its servicing needs.

Notably Liebherr products aren't seen all that often by engineers with most of the parts that fail being customer replaceable items such as bottle shelves and trays as well as door handles.

Technical support to the independents is very good and most refrigeration repairers have little qualms about attending and repairing Liebherr products due to this.

When placing a service call we strongly advise that you have all the details of your appliance, including the Service Number taken from the rating plate of the machine.

  Liebherr Spare Parts

Generally most Liebherr spare part prices are fairly good and in line with what you would expect for a premium brand with the level of quality in the products. Some parts can seem a little on the expensive side but, for the most part, they are fairly reasonable.

UK Whitegoods is probably the largest online supplier of Liebherr spare parts in the UK.

Commonly used Liebherr spare parts are often held in the UK and have short lead times but, the sheer volume of different designs and models means that not all spares are held in the UK and orders from Germany can take three to four weeks to arrive in the UK. It should be noted however that, for functional spare parts such as thermostats, electronic controls, sensors and so on, that this is not the norm, most spare parts that would stop the appliance from working are readily available.

It is important to note however that, when ordering spare parts, that the Service Number taken from the rating plate is essential in obtaining the correct spare part as we demonstrate in this video:

You can find the Liebherr spare parts section on the shop or use the form below remembering to include the service number

Liebherr's UK website can be found from this link

  Liebherr Rating & Review

You can find out how we determine these rating in this article explaining how we put this together in as easy way possible for people to understand quickly.

Liebherr market share
Small UK market share
Small UK market share as people gravitate toward cheaper and inferior products
Brand kudos
Largely known in the industry and well regarded and also with the public
Liebherr appliance pricing
Not as cheap as most but just so much better that for the money we don't think you can buy better
Great quality levels
While Leibherr might be slightly more expensive than most, the quality of them shines through that
Repair rating
Very good
Liebherr score well here as the guys that repair them rate them highly as do we
Repairer support
Most refrigeration companies have no problem with Liebherr
Most refrigeration repair companies will have little or no issue repairing Lieberr products and there's good forum support for them
DIY repair rating
Easy to DIY repair most Leibherr products as there is  information and spare parts avaialble
Most everyday problems you will ever come across will be easy, replacing plastic parts mainly btu more technical problems you may need help with
Spare parts availability
Some spare parts available from major suppliers
Some spare parts are available from major suppliers but mainly from Liebherr themselves but there is little issue here
Spare part pricing
Generally most prices are good, not the cheapest but not the most expensive either and in relation to cost price of the machines very good with the odd exception
Environmental rating
Not much information on environmental policies
Not much information on environmental policies for Liebherr but long life and good parts avaialbility score them well here

Overall Rating

Our advice, buy this one!
Not cheap upfront but great quality that is hard to beat the right side of sensible prices and good backup, a very rare full five overall


Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical support or fault advice on any Liebherr fridge, freezer or fridge freezer as the engineers will not see the request here. Please use the forums where more help will be available to you and is a free service.

Paul Blackaby
I have a Le#iebherr Medline LKv 3912 Service No. 9997497-00. It is holding temperature but the display is flashing Etc on the display with a clock sign. Can you tell me what this is and how to get rid of it.
Kenneth Watt
Hi Robert,You need the gasket and a fitting pack to fit a new seal, the door seal is part number 7111136 and the fitting pack 9096042.Both you can get prices for and can be ordered from the following links:

Robert Talbot
Liebherr freezer Service Number 0972260-04. Can you supply a new door seal and if yes at what cost?
My mother was also causing a problem for quite a while now her insurance company sent out a few engineers who told her each time everything would be ok only for the same problem to visit her back a few months later after many emails liebher finally despatch an agent it has being the longest occasion that the fridge now seems to be doing what it was bought to do, cool my beers.
It has been quite an uphill struggle getting someone to look at my liebherr american style fridge freezer so many different people telling me different things they all seemed to come with the same line that i have a gas leak in the evaporator. I only found out that this was impossible in that the bottom section was working but not the top after numerous calls liebherr finally put me onto their agent, they came out and found that their was a fault with one of the sensors and also the reed switch in the door which they replaced fingers cross all seem to be fine. I have come to understand that if their is a leak in the evaporator the appliance is normally not economical to repair also a lot of these engineers are if they are honest are not familar or adept with liebherr appliances.
looking for a evoperator

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