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Scholtes brand logo

Scholtès is often regarded as a luxury kitchen brand that has been around for a long time but not often seen in the UK and, officially, we cannot see that the Scholtès brand is currently sold here.

The Scholtès appliance brand was established in 1922 an specialised in built in kitchen cooking appliances accredited with launching the first pyrolytic self-cleaning built in oven in 1969 and the first ceramic glass hob in 1974.

However in 1989 the Scholtès brand was acquired by the Indesit Company and has become, more or less as far as we can see, a clone of other Indesit products with different aesthetics and a higher price point.

Most Scholtès appliances that we see in the UK are either very old or have found their way into the UK through personal import.

  Scholtès Market Position

Indesit would like to have consumers think that Scholtès is on a  par with the usual German suspects such as Bosch, Neff and so on or even the likes of Smeg would be a good alternative but, in reality, it looks to us like simply a re-badge of standard Indesit fare with nicer designs and a higher price tag. And, whilst that may well confuse end customers the trade can usually see this.

  Scholtès Alternatives

At this price point there are a number of alternative for you to choose from including the aforementioned German incumbants along with the likes of De Dietrich, Smeg and a few others.

For more personal recommendations based on your requirements please feel free to ask in our Buying Advice Forum where many of the professionals in the trade will try to assist you in choosing an appliance to suit you.

  Scholtès Service

Although not officially supplied to the UK market at this time we would fully expect that service would be from Indesit Service as with all the other Indesit owned brands.

Independent appliance repair companies often do not even know who Scholtès are and, those that do on our engineer search appear to have little trouble repairing the Scholtès products, spare parts availability allowing.

  Scholtès Spare Parts

Obviously there is no official route to Scholtès spare parts other than through Indesit however we have had some success in obtaining spare parts where required as many are the same as are used on other Indesit brand appliances.

We would suggest that, given the lack of full UK support for the brand, that you contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your particular requirements and we will endeavour to help you.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical support on any Scholtès appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where more help may be available.

Kerry Worsley
I am looking for a door hinge for an accessory to my Scholtes oven. The door is an accessory which looks like an oven door but is located above the oven in a cupboard which contains the microwave oven. This means the microwave oven looks similar to the oven and looks to be a "pair" of ovens. The sticker on the back of the door shows the model details of the accessory door as follows:
Type: Accessoire MODELE: PMO FG 9 M1 R: 1322000 SERIE: 001208137.
I can send you photographs of the part that I want if you provide me with an email address. Please advise by return if you can help.
Kerry Worsley, St Leonards, Victoria, Australia

a. sanella

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