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Statesman domestic appliances logoStatesman Appliances

Little is known about the Statesman Appliances own label brand other than it appeared to pop up sometime around 2007 or so and has grown its range of appliances to include washing machines, dishwashers, refrigeration and built in cooking products.

To our knowledge Statesman have no manufacturing capability and re-badge sourced appliances.

The washing machine products appear to be a mix of products sourced from Midea and Vestel with a freestanding dishwasher coming from Vestel.

The other products also appear to be sourced from those two manufacturers as well so, much the same with a different cosmetic design to many, many others.

  Statesman Market Position

From what we can gather Statesman would appear to be at the lower end of the market, another budget brand using budget product.

Feedback from the engineers on the actual company is fairly good on the whole if not the products which, being clones of others fall into the same category as all the others. However it is worth noting that Statesman do appear to be a generally helpful company to deal with.

  Statesman Service

Statesman appear to operate their own network of independent repair companies so we would expect that service levels would be generally fairly high.

Many of the engineers on our engineer search will therefore repair Statesman products with little trouble, especially as they are clones of other products.

The position with technical information being widely available is unknown as, due to low volumes, there has been little call to seek it.

  Statesman Spare Parts

Statesman seem to keep this in-house and therefore we have to say that availability to spare parts may be restricted.

However, again due to low volumes, there has been little call to seek spare parts for the brand and therefore availability and pricing or spare parts is largely an unknown.

  Statesman Rating & Review

Statesman market share
No information
Brand kudos
Not a great brand reputation in the industry
Statesman appliance pricing
Cheap enough but, has baggage and issues
Seems cheap.. ehm, that's all folks
Not brilliant quality levels sadly
Quality will vary depending on where the particular model is sourced from
Repair rating
Budget brand, budget quality and poor support
Varies, depending on where the model in question was sourced from
Repairer support
Some repairers will attempt repairs but many will not dur to lack of spares and tech info
Some repairers may repair these products but do not expect a huge choice
DIY repair rating
With no spare parts or technical support any DIY repair attempt may fall at the first hurdle
With seemingly no spare part or technical info to get parts or support it ain't looking good for DIY repairs
Spare parts availability
No spare parts found or, very few
Very little if any found
Spare part pricing
No information to form an opinion with
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Statesman's environmental policies

Overall Rating

Candy appliances are a reasonable buy
Statesman is merely another own label brand and it is hard to find any reason to recommend the brand but, a lot of reasons not to.


Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Statesman appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where you can get more help using this completely free service with fault diagnosis and so on.

Chris Greenfield
Statesman Dishwasher - awful avoid
Purchased one of these when our 13 year old Bosch died...the retailer in my town had stopped selling Bosch and recommended the Statesman product saying he thought it " as good as a Bosch" and that the importers were in Ipswich, easy to deal with and had a 2 year guarantee... I should have looked more closely in his shop. The build quality is poor, ours did not work from new and despite leaving a message on the answerphone of Statesman, there hasn't been a much for their claim of "At Statesman, customer service is at the heart of our business and we aim to exceed the expectations of our customers" ..
TRT 1968
Statesman built-under oven
Our landlord had the oven changed to a Statesman single built under fan oven about five years ago due to the scarcity of parts for the old B&Q generic model which needed repair. Obviously went for the cheapest of the cheap. It was £160 list price.
Within 6 months the element blew. It was replaced, and blew again a year later. We were blamed for not cleaning the oven properly, which is not true. Now, six elements later, I want rid of it.
I took to changing the element myself twice (I\'m an instrument technician at a university) and discovered that the wiring used is absolutely the bare minimum specification for the application (high temperature 250 - 300°C, 2kW @ 220V) i.e. they used 1mm2 steel multicore, PVC sheath throughout. The element alone draws just under 10 amps, with the fan motor load added on as well as the light, and seeing that the wiring used a common neutral bus arrangement, I\'m surprised it lasted a year even.
I\'d be looking at 1.5mm2 - 2.5mm2 fibre coated steel with high temperature crimp connectors protected by woven fibre sheathing, not the soft-steel standard crimps with PVC overshoes that cost a ha\'penny each. Well, anyway, it\'s as cheap as can be, electrically.

Diagnosis: the fan\'s pinking and stuttering was sending back-EMF into the element which was nearing its design limit anyway. The internal wiring on the neutral quite literally vaporised, leaving half-empty PVC tubes flapping around the inside of the back cover. The PVC boots on the live and neutral element connectors were melted away and the element itself, at one failure, was left looking like a huge, burnt NikNak. I would have replaced all the wiring with something decent, but to do so would have cost me at least £30, taken four hours and there\'s no guarantee that the elements, motor windings and switches weren\'t as cheaply specced. I would avoid these at all costs. That extra £30, if it\'s spent on materials, goes a long, long way to making a product that will last.

Victoria busk
flashing temp lights
My machine stopped during wash and is beeping with the bottom two temp lights flashing. Is full of water any ideas what has happened?
Hi Victoria,

As above, without access to technical and spare part info it is not possible to help you.

You could try and ask in the forums but that is all I can suggest.

p keen
XT5-1030W washing machine
working well when bought second hand little used, problem is it was laid down on delivery now leaks water from underneath, what has caused this..
Could be anything really, you would to investigate where it is leaking from.
As above, you need to look to see where it is coming from, it could be anything that is leaking and, there is virtually no support for these machines.
Lorraine butler
washing machine faq.
My stateman,washer doesn\'t heat up on any cycles.?.Thanks.
I have a statesman washing machine was tdying when I head a massive smash to find my washing machine door had exploded everywhere the washing machine was empty an not on ??? Did register the washing machine due to it being off the council brand new so don't know if I'm covered :( ???

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