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Prima Appliances

Prima is merely another own label brand name along the same lines as Caple, Lamona and others that is used by its owner, PJ Hopkinsons (PJH), to be that little bit different. There is little history of the brand to be found but it has been around for a number of years and PJH are a large kitchen supplier to the trade that has been around a long time.

Prima appliances brand logoOr, if you were cynical, you could assume that the brand name was used to avoid customers being able to price compare products in kitchen showrooms.

Prima however, like the others mentioned, does not actually make any appliances at all themselves, it simply buys in the appliances that it requires labelled as Prima.

The Prima appliance range has been made by any number of manufacturers over the years including Siltal, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Midea, Haier, Cata and others that you can learn more on each in this, the manufacturer section.

Prima specialises in built in and integrated products to fit with the PJH supplied kitchens.

  Prima Market Position

There is little information on the pricing of Prima appliances available however we would expect them to to be pitched at the lower end of the mid market in terms of pricing even if that actual products don't necessarily deserve to be in that segment.

That said there are also products from Prima made by some that would actually cost you more under the more "premium" brand, even although it is exactly the same appliance.

So, it can be a bit hit and miss in terms of value for money. The crux being that, if you know what you are looking at then you can pick up a good deal or, equally, you could get exactly the opposite.

All the Prima appliances now appear to be supplied with a two year parts and labour warranty.

  Prima Service

Service on Prima would appear to be administered by repaircare who will distribute service calls to independent service engineers across the UK. Service should be good given the system used.

Of course most of the engineers found in our engineer search will also happily repair Prima appliances when they are out of warranty and, often, at a much lower cost as you are cutting out the middle man.

  Prima Spare Parts

Given that spares are easily found with the largest appliance trade spare parts distributor in the UK, spare parts are not an issue and we can easily locate and get almost all Prima spare parts very quickly.

However, they are often not cheap.

What we do very often is cross reference the Prima spares to other manufacturers who offer exactly the same spare parts but at a lower cost. Doing so can save a considerable amount of money on spare parts but it can also take some time and requires the knowledge and experience to do so.

IMPORTANT: As Prima uses different suppliers for their appliances we must have the model number in order to help you

To ask us to help you to locate a Prima spare part or a cheaper alternative where available please get in touch with us by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as using email allows us to send pictures, drawings and links to you as well as affording us the time required to locate the Prima spares that you need.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Prima appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where much more help will be available.

Prima PRDO302 grill
Hi, we have recently purchased and installed this double oven. We followed the instructions manual as recommended. With the door shut after cooking, the fan was still active, all of a sudden smoke bellowed out into the kitchen. Any ideas on this being prevented please? confusednormal
Gary Stevenson
5 gas burner
PRGH 206 Middle burner flame goes out and doesn't stay lit. Knob half turns only when trying to light gas .gas is getting through and other 4 burners are fine.
Looi Leung
Prima washer dryer LPR722
Prima washer dryer LPR722 was bought in July 2009. Serial number 90700341. I would like to know the manufacturer of this model as many brands of tumble dryers are in the recall list eg Whirlpool, hotpoint, Indesit. This is an urgent matter and your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Stephen Mitchell
Prima LPR 710 Integrated Washing Machine
I am trying to establish who made the above machine. It was bought and fitted into my property in 2005.
Anne Dearden
I purchased a Prima LPR600 dishwasher approximately ten years ago. Would you be able to tell me the dimensions of this machine.
Martyn Jarvis
Prima dishwasher LPR661
My upper spray arm does not stay on during the cycle and so needs replacing. Can you help where I might find one ?

Thank you

David Rawson
electric oven LPR9032
The drop-down door on my Prima oven LPR9032 drops down too low and doesn't shut properly. Most probably needs new hinges fitting, is this possible?
Steve Dalton
Primal fridge freeer
I would not think about purchasing any Prima product again. I bought a Prima integrated fridge freezer for £385. It broke down after 16 months, surely should last longer than this. Was told by Prima and the supplier that the fridge freezer was out of guarantee they didn’t want to know about it.
Andrew Ryan-Smith
Prima Breadmaker ABM4 - breadpan
Hi - is it possible to obtain a new breadpan for the Prima ABM4 breadmaker, please?


Sorry we cannot get parts for that.

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