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Nor frost refrigeration brand logoNorfrost

Norfrost was a small British manufacturer that made chest freezers in Castletown, Scotland almost as far North as you can possibly go.

The Norfrost brand was around for around forty years making chest freezers on the site in Scotland. Norfrost also make chest freezers for other companies that are rebranded.

Other products, such as wine coolers, seemed to be rebranded Chinese products.

Sadly however the company closed down and all the tooling and production was moved whne the business was bought (after months of being down) by Ebac.

  Norfost Market Position

Usually found at the lower end of the market but Norfrost do seem to have moved slightly to a more mid-market position in recent times.

Being British and having been around for a long time these freezers are very familiar to us and, they are actually very good in our experience. We have little reservation in recommending the Norfrost chest freezers.

  Norfrost Service

Currently in-warranty service appears to be provided by JTM Contracts or 0800 Repair.

Out of warranty many repairers availbale through our engineer search will have little trouble in repairing a Norfrost chest freezer. 

  Norfrost Spare Parts

We have little to no trouble getting spare parts for Norfrost although, the only two things that generally ever go wrong are door hinges and the odd thermostat. Anything else faulty however is not a DIY repair as it will be refrigerant related.

Lids, door seals and so forth are now completely unavailable for older products that were made in Scotland.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or repair advice on any Norfrost appliance as the engineers will not see the request here. Please use the forums where more help will be available.

Anna Bulejko
Old Norfrost Small Freezer
Hi I have an excellent working Norfrost Freezer Model no.C2EEw. Serial number 0601/3294623. It is fitted with a DANSOL compressor at the back and at the bottom details TLES4F. 220-240v-50Hz. RI34a.I would just like peace of mind that my freezer is safe regardless of age and IS NOT DANGEROUS. Anna 07712402324.
Chest freezer C6EE-H handle
Hi looking for a handle for a
Chest freezer

Bryan Ashfield
need new baskets for Norfrost freezer model C4BEF-8, please advise
maresa harrington
Hello There, we have burnt the lid of our Norfrost Freezer Model c6aewPlease can I buy a new partthankyou
martin storrs
looking for a norfrost thermostat for model c6aew-h
Margaret Simpson
Where can I purchase a spare hinge? Please advise
nick mercado
Hi thereLooking for a replacement Thermostat for Nor Frost chest freezer C6AEW if you are able to assistThanks in advance
Kenneth Watt
I think it could be a foamed in door seal that needs a full lid, if it is still available as Norfrost are no longer trading.
Roderick Brough
Hi can you tell me if you have adoor seal for a norfrost chest freezer model no 3407/0293776 and how much thanks
Hi..would you have a rubber seal for a norfrost C7AEW/SI 7.5 chest freezer and if so how much? Thanks

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