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Ebac Appliances

Ebac Group logo

Ebac began in 1973, founded by John Elliot, to make dehumidifiers for the European climate but in 2008 entered into large kitchen appliances with a range of fridge freezers

Ebac now produce a range of fridges, freezers and fridge freezers which is impressive for a business in this industry in a mere four years. However, Ebac does have massive experience with refrigerated products with its watercooler and dehumidifier lines.

Although we know little of the Ebac company we have asked them for more information and will update this article as more information becomes available.

Ebac have started washing machine production and as at 1st October 2016 the initial washing machine production has gone on sale through limited outlets mainly in the North of England.

  Ebac Market Position

Ebac's product range appears to span from the lower end of the market into firm mid market territory.

All the products that we have seen available thus far look pretty good on the surface although we obviously have little data due to limited exposure to the brand and the products.

  Ebac Service

At the time of writing very little is known about service for Ebac products, including who carries out service for the company however rumours in teh trade suggest that this will be done by JTM Service who are also 0800 Repair which, given the reviews of both, doesn't bode well.

  Ebac Spare Parts

Again, like service, very little is known about the arrangements for spare parts. 

If the trade rumours prove correct however then it will be handled by JTM or 0800 Repairs.

  Ebac Key Contacts

Official website/email: / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Official telephone support: 0845 634 1392

Unofficial technical support: (Limited)

Unofficial retail spare parts supply: None

Primary trade only supplier (where available): None

Address : Ketton Way, Aycliffe Industrial Park, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, DL5 6SQ

  Ebac Ratings & Review

These key indicators are gathered from general opinion within the industry, spares availability with major trade spares distributors and general engineer's opinions alongside how many repairers are registered to repair Ebac fridge freezers and other appliances.

Ebac market share
Not enough information on Ebac market share
Brand kudos
Not enough information
Ebac is a largely unknown brand in the UK as far as appliances are concerned
Ebac appliance pricing
Not enough information
Not enough information to rate the quality of Ebac
Repair rating
Not enough repair information to rate Ebac cookers or other appliances
Repairer support
Little if any information is available to repairers for Ebac cookers and other appliances
DIY repair rating
Not so easy to DIY repair Ebac cookers due to lack of technical and spares
Spare parts availability
No official Ebac spare part support that we can find from any suppliers
Spare part pricing
Not enough demand or information to comment
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Ebac's environmental policies

Overall Rating

Not enough information on the Meireles brand to offer a lot of opinion
Not enough is known about Ebac appliances at this time to offer any real opinon on the brand

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or fault finding advice on any Ebac appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where more help should be available and is a completely free service.

My house used to be very damp so a Toshiba Rad 50 was bought. It was OK. Later a much bigger Ebac dehumidifier was spotted at the recycling centre but some dope had scrawled \"SCRAP\" all over it with a felt pen! The machine was bought for a nominal sum and taken home where the faults were fixed. Faults were dust,dust and more dust. Admittedly it did take several cleanings to get the fan bearings to run well but it was worth it as it now works very well. Avoid \"Climate N\" products if possible, as in winter they don\'t work properly. On the other hand Ebac products run well.

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