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Ardo Appliances

Ardo Applainces brand logo

Ardo appears to be the remnants of the old Ardo Merloni that owned the Ardo brand at one point but better known in the UK as Servis as well as making many machines, especially built in or integrated products for many brands.

The revised brand is shown as being under the ownership of a company called JP Industries S.p.A based in Italy.

The company currently produces washing machines, tumble dryers, washer dryers, tumble dryers, freezers, fridge freezers and fridges.

Little is known about the company at the time of writing however they do seem to be making products for third party brands and make a lot of the fact that the products are Italian made.

  Spares Pricing And Aftersales Service

As appliances for Ardo are not currently sold in the UK there is, presently, no UK support or spares outlets available.

  Ardo Key Contacts

Official website/email:

Official telephone support: Not available in the UK

Official technical support: No UK support

Official retail spare parts supply: No UK suppliers

Primary trade only supplier (where available): UK Whitegoods

Address : No Registered UK Address

Sue Loye
Ardo freezer door
Do you stock spare parts for an Ardo fridge freezer model no. MPO34SHS? I am in urgent need of a new handle for the freezer compartment or, failing that, a new freezer door (or Ardo fridge evaporator door complete). Can you help? Thanks! Sue Loye

Hi Sue,

Ardo is a non-UK brand so we\'ve got no information on what parts are in it at all sadly and there never has been any UK support for the brand. You will struggle though as they closed their doors in 2008 if memory serves me.

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