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Grundig Appliances

Grundig appliances brand logo

Grundig is a relatively new entrant to the world of domestic appliances even although the brand name goes back to the 1930’s with the German brand being best known for consumer electronics, radios, televisions and so on largely prior to the turn of the century.

However the brand name was bought by Arcelik, the parent company of Beko in 2007 after a period of dual ownership with Alba from 2004.

All the products that Grundig produce, at least in terms of domestic appliances, as far as we have seen so far, are merely rebadged Beko products with new aesthetics although often with a longer guarantee to justify the higher price points. In effect it appears to be little more than yet another own label brand now.

Before the acquisition of the Grundig brand by Beko we are not aware of Grundig ever producing large kitchen appliances.

  Grundig Service

Service for Grundig home appliances is the same as for Beko with a hybrid system of employed engineer and subcontracted independent repair companies.

  Grundig Spare Parts

For home appliances of course we provide spare parts although you will find many the same as Beko parts (if not all) and that also means that there can be low cost alternative parts.

Given the higher price points of the Grundig branded appliances the use of spares is not as high as they are on Beko products so you may have to ask us if we haven’t listed the part you need. It is worth doing this as you may save money by allowing us the opportunity to cross reference the part/s against others.

  Grundig Key Contacts

Official website/email:

Official telephone support: 0345 603 1234 or 0845 603 1234

Unofficial technical support: UK Whitegoods Forum 

Retail spare parts supply: UK Whitegoods Online Store / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Primary trade only supplier: Most

Address : Grundig, Beko plc, Beko House, 1 Greenhill Crescent, Watford, Herts, WD18 8QU

  Grundig Rating & Review

You can find out how we determine these rating in this article explaining how we put this together in as easy way possible for people to understand quickly.

Grundig market share
Tiny UK market share
The Grundig brand itself not a lot, Beko a huge slice of market
Brand kudos
Well known
A very well known brand name but more so for conusmer electronics and not applainces
Grundig appliance pricing
Not cheap for a Beko!
It's a fancy Beko and, a fair bit more expensive as well so pricing ain't wonderful!
so so
Not bad quality levels at the price but you may be better looking at saving by buying Beko or looking at alternatives
Repair rating
Not much but okay so far
We haven't had much feedback but what we have had is in line with what we'd expect, they're okay for a Beko but a little pricey
Repairer support
Little issue here
As the machines are little more than a Beko with new clothes on, most repairer will have little isue repairing Grundig products
DIY repair rating
Mostly okay
Mosty okay to self repair with reasonable tech info available and spares but marked down for th eincreasing use of sealed assemblies such as sealed tanks, doors and so on
Spare parts availability
Spare parts available from the majority of major suppliers
Spare parts are available from the majority of major suppliers
Spare part pricing
Okay for the most part
As it's almost all the same as Beko spare parts used on Grundig prices are pretty reasonable most of the time
Environmental rating
Not enough information on environmental policies
Not enough information on environmental policies

Overall Rating

A lot to pay for a glorified Beko
Grundig is effectively a rebadged Beko with a fancy dress on and a longer warranty so whether that justifies the higher price or not you will have to deicde for yourself but do check the cost of a warranty on a standard Beko before buying
Paul Carty
RE Grundig Freezer (GFN13820X).
I bought this item thinking Grundig is a good German brand. Should be reliable. Vorsprung Durch Teknologie ...... and all that.
It stopped working in less than 3 months due to apparent build issue. Grundig\'s customers service is also very poor.
I got a full refund and a small amount of compensation afyer I threatened legal action.
Result: NOT UBER impressed.
From my experience, Grundig should stick to home entertainment.
Definitely not recommended.

Grundig = Beko!
Damn. Had a Beko dishwasher. Awful thing - major breakdown within warranty, 2 days off work to deal with the 2 engineer visits, then after a couple of years it broke down again with smoke filling the kitchen so decided to spend more and get a quality brand. Scrolled past the likes of Bosch (had one of their dishwashers before the Beko. Lasted longer but only because of several DIY repairs - had a lot trouble) but I\'m not in the Miele price bracket. so there was Grundig sitting in between. My dad had Grundig tape recorder in the 1960\'s. Built like a tank. Solid longstanding German brand Gundig! Imagine my horror when I took delivery of the thing and only then discovered it is a f*ing Beko in disguise, and then Currys dropped the price by £100 in between ordering and delivery. Did not reply to my miffed email on the subject. The dishwasher is prone to not opening the detergent compartment and I have to check it every single time. Other than that it hasn\'t died so far.
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