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Please note that we are not Cookworks and we will normally not be able to assist with this brand

Cookworks Appliances

Cookworks is but another own label brand that seems only to be sold by Argos and as the name suggests it’s all about cooking products.

Just as with Bush, Proaction and the other brands that are touted through Argos they are cheap and if you pay attention closely you will also notice that there are Bush branded products that are virtually identical to some of the Cookworks ones. So same stuff, different name on the front, different price.

We would hazard that as these machines are primarily sold online or from a catalogue in store it will be really hard for people to see that and quite easily pay a lot more for the same machine rebranded.

As per the rest expect the usual Turkish and Chinese stuff, with not great support, almost no technical or spare parts support and hideous prices for many parts.

Our advice is to pass on this brand totally and look at some thing more sensible as, in our opinion, this is not a sensible option at all.

  Cookworks Market Position

Need you even ask?

Cheap as chips, with some being nasty as well by all accounts.

However it has to be said, that depends on where the machine has come from as Cookworks products are sourced from various places. Some of it, while obviously not exactly a Rolls Royce isn't utterly terrible at the prices but some, not good. Care is required.

  Cookworks Service

Who knows!

We expect it to be the usual mash up of Minerva Services, First4Service, JTM Contracts and 0800 Repair. It will probably be a lottery based on what product it is so service levels will vary hugely on that then on the local agents being used.

The repairers that have "experienced" the machines under this brand name well, let's just say they were less than impressed. All severely criticise the build quality and we do mean severely along with rounding on spare parts not being available.

Fully expect this to be one of the brands that, once out of warranty, that you find the repairers will have filed in the "we don't do that" category.

  Cookworks Spare Parts

All we can say is, good luck.

Virtually no listings with any spare part distributors, zero spare parts information and what we have seen appears to be hideously expensive.

You should seriously consider before buying a cooker or any other appliance why parts and service matter.

**UPDATE 2017**

We have managed to get access to some models spare parts for Cookworks and usually at more sensible prices than we have seen previously however this is limited so far to models produced by Vestel. But, we're still on it.

  Cookworks Key Contacts

Official website/email:

Official telephone support: 0345 257 7271

Unofficial technical support: (May be limited)

Unofficial retail spare parts supply:

Primary trade only supplier (where available): None

Address : Not Available

  Cookworks Rating & Review

Cookworks market share
No information
Brand kudos
Poor brand reputation in the industry
Cookworks appliance pricing
Budget product, cheap and nasty
Field techs report that the quality levels are very low sadly
Repair rating
What information we have seen coming back from the repairers is that these products are very low quality, cheap and nasty
Repairer support
Few repairers will be able to repair a Cookworks appliance due to lack of information and spare parts
DIY repair rating
No tech support and scant spare parts support will make self repair difficult and/or expensive
Spare parts availability
Very few spare parts found
Spare part pricing
Not enough information on spare parts
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Cookworks's environmental policies

Overall Rating

Cookworks appliances are not a good buy in our opinion
With limited spare parts avaialbility and seemingly poor support it is hard to recommend buying a Cookworks appliance so, we won't. we wouldn't buy one and we don't recommend that people buy this brand.


Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or fault advice on any Cookworks appliance as the engineers will not see the request here. Please use the forums where more help may be available.

Miss S Sussex
Chip fryer
We have 3 of the copper colour appliances do u do the fryer please
Sandra Morton
Cookworks kettle
Hi, I bought a cookworks kettle from Argos February last year and would like to buy a couple of replacement filters as my one has broken.
Can you please tell me where I can get one.
It would be a good idea to enclose a couple of spare filters with the kettle as I’ve had so many kettles and the filters break after a few months.
Hope you can help.
Kind regards

Cookworks Food Slicer S892
First one was did not operate and was assumed to be faulty. Checked the fuse in the plug which was ok. Exchanged for a second one at Argos. Same problem!
No customer service for this brand offered in the user manual.
Can\'t even get into the works to look for any obvious problems because one of the screws is a security type.
I there an extra secret switch somewhere which has been missed?

Cookworks food slicer
Got a second slicer with the same problem as the first one. In the end I decided to get into the slicer to see if there was a problem. I made a security screw \'undo tool\' by filing a slot in standard screwdriver.
When opened it, I operated the on/off switch manually and it came back life!
The problems are caused by the switch not lining up with operating mechanism. The switch is a really sloppy fit into a plastic moulded fitting. It\'s hit and miss whether it will operate or not.
I really think the product should be withdrawn and re- designed, especially as so many users have had problems.

Tim the breadmaker
Cookworks breadmaker
I\'ve had the Cookworks bread maker for two years and it is still working perfectly. I only make small loaves (can make small or large) both whole meal and fruit bread. Maybe I\'ve been lucky, but would definitely recommend it!
Cookworks blenders
Cookwork blenders are amazing and they last very long. They are also very cheap. I say thumbs up! Truly amazing!
Florence McGrehan
Cook works Mini Oven
I wish to point out that in my experience there is a Health and Safety issue with the Instructions supplied with the Cookworks Mini Oven. Nowhere are customers advised to remove the cardboard underneath the crumb tray. This was brought to my attention on my first use of the oven with a smell of burning eminating from the oven. Had I not investigated this there could have been a serious incident involving eg a kitchen fire. I would suggest that your instructions should be more explicit.

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