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We will not be able to assist you with this brand

We haven’t seen a lot of these to date but there are a few around.

It would appear as though Vestel (who make just about anything for anyone) are behind this brand and it mainly centres on consumer electronics and not large domestic appliances. However, there’s a few large kitchen appliances floating about which is why it pinged on our radar.

Mainly we see the brand being flogged as a budget option from a bunch of retailers and given that there’s no website for the brand we can find, no phone number or really not much of anything we’d have to say to avoid it.

  Techwood Market Position

Very budget.

  Techwood Spare Parts

In almost all instances, not available, hardly any parts or even information we could find.

  Techwood Service

What the UK servicing arrangements are unknown but as it is Vestel expect it to be the usual 0800 Repair, Minerva Services or suchlike.

  Techwood Key Contacts

Official website/email:  None found

Official telephone support: Not Available (UK)

Unofficial technical support:

Unofficial retail spare parts supply: None

Primary trade only supplier (where available): None

Address : Not Available (UK)

  Techwood Ratings & Review

No review as no info but expect it to fall in line with other Vestel brands. If you get offered one second hand or whatever, avoid.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Mertz product as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where more help may be available and is a completely free service.

ogboo somtochukwu
i would love to be a distributor of tech wood appliances in nigeria
I would love to become a distributor of tech wood appliances in Niigeria. Please i would love to work for Tech wood companies
Paul Males
Tv sound crackling
To whom it may concern

I have a techwood 40” 4k tv and the sound crackels. I have only had the tv for a couple of months. I have tried everything, swapping cables, different consoles, different freeview boxes, different plug sockets and the problem still exists. The model number is - 43AO6USB. Can you please help ?

Kind regards

Paul Males

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