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We don’t really know all that much about the Italian manufacturer Falmec, we expect as they are high end niche products and seem only to produce cooker hoods and a few induction hobs at the time of writing.

The hoods we have seen are not cheap at all with many costing in excess of £1000 so, they will not ever be mass market products but of that sort of money we would expect something pretty special and durable.

  Falmec Spare Parts

So far as we can tell, exclusive to Falmec so you will only have them able to supply parts.

  Falmec Aftersales Service

As above, it is Falmec only by the look of it.

  Falmec Key Contacts

Official website/email:

Official telephone support: 0845 338 1761

Unofficial technical support: None

Unofficial retail spare parts supply: None

Primary trade only supplier (where available): None

Address : Euroline, 8 De Grey Square, De Grey Road, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5YQ

  Falmec Rating & Review

You can find out how we determine these rating in this article explaining how we put this together in as easy way possible for people to understand quickly.

Falmec market share
Tiny UK market share
Tiny UK market share, which is understandable as Falmec will be niche and not cheap
Brand kudos
Unknown in the industry and with the public
Largely unknown in the industry and with the public although not a common sight
Falmec appliance pricing
Not enough info
Not enough info
Good quality levels expected
We can't say for sure with the info we have but we expect the quality to be high
Repair rating
No info
We have no feedback with which to form any opinion
Repairer support
Authorised agents might fix them but, it's quite likely nobody else will
Authorised agents or Falmec themselves might fix them but, it's quite likely nobody else will
DIY repair rating
Not so easy to DIY repair Falmec products as there is no information or spare parts available
Not enough info
Spare parts availability
No spare parts available from any major suppliers
No spare parts available from any major suppliers
Spare part pricing
None found to form any opinion
None found to form any opinion
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Esses's environmental policies
Not enough information on Falmec's environmental policies but scored neutral as they should last a long time

Overall Rating

Great products, but exclusive
Falmec look to be great products but we really don't have enough information or experience to offer much opinion of them


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