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Tumble Dryer Fire Risk Safety Notice

Following Whirlpool's acquisition of the Hotpoint/Indesit brands, Indesit Company has closely reviewed the safety of its product portfolio.

As part of this review we have identified a potential concern with two types of tumble dryers manufactured between April 2004 and September 2015. In some rare cases, excess fluff can come into contact with the heating element and present a risk of fire. The affected brands are:

  • Hotpoint
  • Indesit
  • Creda

We are activating an extensive consumer outreach and service action plan in order to provide our consumers with products that are updated to higher safety and quality standards. We will arrange a visit from an engineer, free of charge, to modify your appliance. The service call will take approximately one hour. The improvements we believe are necessary will further enhance the safety and quality of your dryer.

You may continue to use your tumble dryer whilst waiting for the modification, however, we require that you do not leave your dryer unattended during operation as an extra precaution (i.e. do not leave the house or leave the dryer on whilst asleep). Additionally, you should check and clean the filter after every cycle and ensure proper dryer venting, as directed in the original operating manual.

To check if your tumble dryer is affected please use the tool here

Please take care and ensure that you enter the correct model number exactly or you will get an incorrect answer!

Mark Guest
Faulty Tumbledryr
Hi, we have an Indesit Tumble Dryer Model number 1566ov (UK) serial number 0902120105 which your checker tool says is not one of the affected models, yet we have noticed that ours becomes extremely hot with an electrical type burning smell and thick grey smoke comes out of it. Fortunately we caught it before it went up in flames but is was very, very close. Could this be part of the same fault?
Kenneth Watt
Hi Mark,

If it's not an affected model probably not but if you look in the tumble dryer section there are a bunch of articles that will explain the numerous causes.

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