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LG Washing Machine Safety Notice

LG Direct Drive Washing Machines Recalled

LG have issued an advisory safety notice for the following washing machines in their 8KG 6 Motion Direct Drive range.

Batch numbers:







You can find that information on the rating plate, normally inside the door and it will look like this:

LG washing machine rating plate example

LG washing machine rating plate example

LG say that the problem is that: "In certain circumstances, due to water ingress behind the control panel, a short circuit can be created which causes the chrome decal to become live and users may experience a mild electric shock."

In short, a shock hazard.

LG state that: “LG is aware of a minor issue that under exceptional conditions affect a small number of LG 8KG 6 Motion Direct Drive Washing Machines. LG would like to clarify that it will not be recalling the LG 8KG 6 Motion Direct Drive Washing Machine and would like to reassure customers that the appliance is safe for use. Customers who require more information should contact the LG UK customer service team directly on 0344 847 5454.”

If you believe that you have an affected product you should contact LG directly for further information.

The LG customer helpline is on

0344 847 5454

And open Monday - Saturday, 9am-6pm.

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