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Please note that we are not repaircare and this is information on the company only, we will not be able to assist you with any queries for or regarding this company

repaircare is a national service provider which is owned and operated by Connect Distribution Services based in Birmingham who also one the eSpares and Buy Spares websites as well as the Wellco, Avix, Willow Vale, HRS and Electruepart brand names.

The groups strap-line is "The power behind the brands".

repaircare offers national service to large kitchen appliances in the UK


As an entity repaircare came to our notice late in 2005 when, due to a bust up between Connect Distribution (CDSL) and the company that were at the time carrying out national repairs for Currys called National Electronics Service Network (NESN). As we understand events CDSL distributed the spare parts for the contract and NESN provided the labour, the deal went awry as relations turned sour and repaircare was formed to carry out kitchen appliance servicing for Currys.

There is some disparity over the actual date that repaircare began as the actual repaircare website claims it was launched in 2002 whilst other CDSL websites claim 2004.

The actual size of the network is not fully known either due to conflicting claims made but, somewhere between 175 and 500 engineers are subcontracted to the company. Outside of a few employed engineers all repairs are subcontracted to independent repairers across the UK.

The repaircare company strap line is "we fix appliances".

After this repaircare embarked on an expansion plan that saw it grow to one of the largest service providers in the UK that now is the service provider, in some cases exclusively for the following brands:

  • Currys (out of warranty and own brands warranty service)
  • De Dietrich
  • Fagor
  • Daewoo Electronics
  • Rangemaster
  • Baumatic
  • Delonghi
  • Kenwood
  • Maurice Lay
  • Caple
  • Teka
  • Tecnik
  • Kuppersbusch


It has been reported that in 2012 repaircare has been tasked on a temporary basis to service products for Comet as they wind down their own in-house service operations.

Early in 2012 it was announced that repaircare was terminated by Currys due to repairs being moved in-house to Dixons Retial's own KnowHow repairs service.

  Fixed Price Appliance Repairs

We believe that in 2010 repaircare launched its online program to offer fixed cost repairs to the public through its website. We have covered the pros and cons of a fixed cost repair service further in this article.

How successful this has been is unknown however the fact that the program is still running and being heavily promoted would indicate that it has proved a success for the company in some measure.

If you have experience of a repair carried out by repaircare you wish to shares we would welcome your comments below or in our forums.

  Online Criticism & Reaction

Due to the online marketing of the fixed cost appliance repair service offered repaircare has seemingly been the subject of much criticism online from customers however it should be noted that these negative reviews of the company's services may represent only a small proportion of the repairs that it actually carries out. Caution is therefore advised in reading these reviews as they may be out of context in this respect as the company does carry out many thousands of repairs every year.

It is also known for employees of repaircare to respond directly to these online reviews and to attempt to resolve any issues raised.

Of note is comments that have been made about positive reviews, some of which have been said to have been copied and pasted onto various sites leading to the accusation by a few people that an SEO or marketing company is planting positive reviews on repaircare's behalf.

  Repair Trade Perception

In general repaircare have a reasonable standing within the industry or, the proportion of the independent appliance repair industry that carries out contract work.

This is tempered somewhat by the rates paid with criticism having been levelled on several occasions about the rates offered by repaircare and contractual obligations demanded in order to become a subcontract repair company to repaircare.

repaicare have been regarded as quite secretive, demanding and dominating however many repairers continue to carry out repairs for them on a subcontract basis as they require the volumes provided by the contract. Equally, there seem almost as many appliance repairers that either have no opinion or hold a positive view of repaircare.

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