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  0800 Repair

Please note that we are not 0800 Repair and this is information on the company only, we will not be able to assist you with any queries for or regarding this company

0800 Repair is a franchise style business that carries out appliance repairs nationally in the UK using a combination of employed service engineers, franchisees and subcontracted independent repairers.

0800 Repair van with screwdriverThe business is actually owned by an entity known as The Pacifica Group which incorporates Custom Support Solutions (CSS), JTM Contracts, Fixzone and the Appliance Network with each of the companies performing a different role within the group but, with a huge crossover between JTM Contracts and 0800 Repair. That said, JTM Contracts appears to be the branding used for commercial contracts whilst the 0800 Repair branding is used more for promotion to the public and smaller contracts with landlords etc.

The business name is based on the American idea where you would dial the numbers as letters on your telephone keypad with the "Repair" being the telephone number preceded by 0800. Whether this model will catch on in the UK is open to debate.

They also use black and yellow vans with huge model screwdrivers mounted on the roof as shown in order to stand out.

0800 Repair do not presently appear to offer a fixed cost appliance repair service but they do offer a fixed cost labour charge like most independent repairers.

  0800 Repair Online Marketing

The business is pushed heavily online with most major affiliate schemes supported and numerous dedicated landing pages in an effort to catch "local" business from more targeted searches. Online promotion would appear to be the only marketing employed to any degree other than some locally run television advertising.

Like its competitor, repaircare, 0800 Repair pushes heavily online and appears to have a large marketing investment online into various marketing campaigns and website development.

0800 Repair Online Reviews & Complaints

Like most repair services 0800 Repair has had its share of negative online reviews and, also like most, seems to have some positive reviews that seem to have been planted by SEO or marketing companies. Some have tried to do that on this page and it is obvious copied content from other sites.

However for the most part reviews do appear to be negative but like others please do bear in mind that this company will carry out thousands of repairs per year and a few bad reviews are to be expected. We would therefore advise that some degree of caution is required when reading these reviews online as most people that need something repaired, especially in warranty, are often not too happy to start with let alone if all doesn't go smoothly.

If you have any experience with 0800 Repair and care to share them we would welcome your comments either below or in our forums.

  0800 Repair Repair Franchises

The original model that 0800 Repair appears to have adopted is one of franchising certain areas to an individual or company who then have sole rights within the territory set out.

Whilst this caused much conversation and controversy when launched within the industry it seems to have fallen from grace somewhat with 0800 increasingly employing engineers where they have the call volumes or density to support a direct employee or, they subcontract the work to a local repairer.

Franchises were said to cost in the order of £12-22,000 depending on the area required and level of support or training needed. With the low profit margins in the appliance repair industry (especially for contract work) many within the industry have stated that this level of investment cannot be supported and that the model is unworkable.

Reports in early 2012 would seem to indicate that the number of franchised repairers has fallen and subsequent reports seem to indicate that the franchise program had been dropped completely.

In no small part probably for many of the reasons discussed in this article all about appliance repair franchises and why they appear not to work for the whitegoods industry

  0800 Repair Repair Trade Perception

The relationship between the independent trade and 0800 Repair can be best described as "strained".

The independent repairers view this service like others as attempting to capture their core business and, very often, pass this work back to them at a much reduced rate. The service that customers then receive is reflected in the rate paid to the attending engineer and this can be considerably less than the customer has actually paid.

Meanwhile and, confusingly, the sister company to 0800 Repair which is JTM Contracts passes out work to many independent repair companies on a subcontract basis and has done for many years although the focus seems to be shifting toward the 0800 branding for all repairs in recent times.

Some factors, such as misleading advertising and claims have been challenged by trade members within the trade forums leading to changes being made to 0800's marketing. There are notes to state now that this applies only to employed or franchise 0800 Repair engineers and not to subcontractors.

I understand Ebac commission this company to carry out repairs. Our 9 month old top end washing machine started to leak and they were contacted. One the first appointment they simply didn\'t turn up. Second time he turned up and indicated a replacement part was required. Another appointment made but we were contacted on the day to cancel as part not arrived. Further appointment made but again contacted on the day to say they still hadn\'t received the part but Andrew indicated he would carry out an \"internal inquiry\". Today another appointment and enginner arrives and -guess what- he has not been sent the part. When I ring Emily she simply wants to book yet another appointment and is unable to explain what is going wrong. She seems unaware whether there is a complaints proceedure other than just writing a letter. It is clear that they will re-order the part only when a home visit is in place- some I expect another phone call next week and a 6th day wasted waiting. Talking to staff we get the impression that this is all par for the course and we should just put up with it- they are well training to apologise frequently without offering any answers or confidence the underlying issues will be dealt with - all rendering the \"apologies\" patently insincere.
David Charlton
These are the most incompetent repair people ever. Took over a week to get a service engineer out. Then had to wait another week for the part to come. They sent the wrong part. So had to wait another week. Then guess what. Sent the wrong part again. And said i must wait another week. Nearly 4 weeks, and still not repaired. Try living without cooking appliances. They don\'t want to know. They are absolutely pathetic
Ron Devlin
Thank God I read these reviews I thought I was just unlucky with the engineer I had and couldn't care less customer service.Three weeks later awaiting my fourth appt. after the machine broke down 20 mins after the repair was done and because the engineer was not interested to come back I have had to wait another 5 days when it suited HIM to call back. No one is interested and the Managers refuse to talk to you. Shambles..!!
Karen C
No idea how good they are at repairing white goods but they cant even supply a TV remote control. They managed to take the money of course. If I get it when promised (though I somehow doubt it) it will have taken over 4 weeks. Terrible customer service, definitely wouldnt recommend them
Fiona green
Disgusting service 6wks ago I paid for works to be carried out to my dryer still not been carried out and £129 paid, 17 days still no refund but apparently it has been done just before I rung to complain today wouldn't recommend this company to anyone shocking, they said they will deal with my complaint internally and I won't be informed of outcome!!
I have never had customer service this bad. They have so far taken over £200 of my money and have fixed nothing and refuse to set a date for a visit. It took them a week and five phone calls to me to even order the part required.
Mike Victoros
0800 repair provide the 10-year guarantee for LG washing machines. Their customer service has been unreliable, slow and untruthful. I am glad that they still haven't booked us a repair, as I don't trust them with an up front call out fee. I will not ever buy LG again, as the guarantee is useless.
Clare Guilding
It would take thousands of words to document the contacts I have had with 0800repair to try to get them to complete a freezer repair that was initiated in August. Almost 4 months later and still waiting - money gone from my account, engineer coming today in the 30 min time slot in the whole day we had specified not to come in. And so it continues.....

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