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  JTM Contracts

Please note that we are not JTM Contracts and this is information on the company only, we will not be able to assist you with any queries for or regarding this company

JTM Contracts are the commercial appliance repair side of The Pacifica Group with close ties to 0800 Repair who are also a part of the group's portfolio. And, for 2015 it appears that JTM Contracts has changed its name to Pacifica Appliance Services Ltd according to details at Companies House.

JTM were always regarded as one of the poorer service providers and seemed to simply exist on low end contracts until the company was bought around 2006/7 by Custom Support Solutions which then became The Pacifica Group.

JTM Contracts company logoOf course there was the reported scandal with ISDAL which had happened some years before but this takeover or merger seems to have been the reason for one director's departure from the JTM business.

At this point the business seems to have grown in both size and stature.

There is a storng link between JTM Contracts and 0800 Repair that is another Pacifica Group company and both seem to be intertwined in many regards. We think but cannot confirm that the idea is that JTM (now Pacifica Appliance Services) is the more commercial side of the business whilst 0800 Repair is more aimed directly at end users.

Generally speaking, many of the subcontract repair companies can be found on our engineer search and will almost always carry out repairs faster and cheaper.

Current contracts include:

  • Vestel
  • LG

  Repair Trade Perception

In general the view of JTM seems to have degraded since the launch of their 0800 Repair service as the independent repair companies that carry out subcontract repairs on behalf of JTM see this initiative as being in direct competition and conflict with their own services. This has led to some hostility from repairers towards JTM as a company.

JTM are also renowned for low rates of pay and service levels or importance given to contracts by the repairers may be reflected in this.

Previous Contracts Held

  • Panasonic
  • Baumatic
  • Amica
Tony Ford
Aldi solar spotlight
I have e mailed twice regarding a fault and had no answer, please respond.
This page is information about JTM Contracts, it is not their page and any messages left here will not be seen by them.

We, UK Whitegoods have no affiliation with this company.

colin jones
crofton wu2012 water boiler
I have 2 delta wu2012 water boilers bought from aldi with 3 year gurantee both taps have broken can I get replacements
sarah murphy
aldi return to JTM
Appalling customer care - sent back an halogen cooker, they received it , they didn\'t receive it, it went to service department, a cheque was being sent - it is now May and the cooker went back in Jan ......
Sent a halogen cooker back to JTM in January - they hadn\'t received, they had received, it had gone to be checked, there would be a cheque in two weeks - still nothing. Absolutely appalling customer service
Mrs B Jones
Sent Delta kettle back to these people beginning of April. Bought from Aldi and advised to contact them. We have had all sorts of excuses from :Not received, yes now received, going to get refund. After so much time and effort, we finanlly got a cheque on Saturday. GUESS WHAT? IT WAS NOT SIGNED!!!!conta cted them again today, they apologised and said we had to wait for a reply paid label so we can send it back and then we will receive our much awaited refund. I am surprised that Aldi, who I have contacted and told them this horror story, is using such a company. I wait with baited breath !!!!!
stephen tonks
Delta kettle
I am having same now in Oct 2016... Sent Delta instant kettle back and was told no replacement so a refund will be sent.. Now chasing after 1 month and all they can say is, \"there has been a problem and we are looking to get it sorted\" Just send me a voucher for Aldi and add on 10-20% i would be more than happy !! Hope Aldi read some of these comments.

lisa bunting
Hi my name is lisa, I bought a Crofton kettle and toaster in green from the aldi on Nottingham Road, Nottingham about 5 months ago unfortunately about 3 weeks ago the kettle started leaking, I have missed placed my receipt so I am worried that I can't take it back to the shop, I was wondering if you can help to fix this as I do like it and I have had no problems with the toaster.hope to hear from you soon.modal number is swk 2015
Christine abram
Christine abram said :
I got hot water urn wu2012 water is come out of the drain tap when it is closed I got it on 09/3013 thanks Christine
Please can you let me no what is happening with this it as 3 year warranty thanks Christine

Christine abram
I got hot water urn wu2012 water is come out of the drain tap when it is closed I got it on 09/3013 thanks Christine

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