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  Comet Service

Comet has ran its own service department for large kitchen appliances on at least two or three separate occasions that we are aware of but with the acquisition of the Comet business in 2012 by OpCapita it looks as if this will be the final closure of Comet's own service department.

Comet corporate logoComet started the service program a number of years ago and, to our knowledge, bought out the manufacturer's warranties in order to allow them to service their own products. Mostly, but not all.

The operation was dogged with industry rumours that it was not a success financially, as is often the case with most large service operations and as a result has been one of the first casualties after OpCapita took control of the troubled electrical retailer.

Comet Service, aside from the odd occasion, did not offer service to third parties and rarely subcontracted repairs to independent repair companies.

  Repair Trade Perception Of Comet Service

For the most part Comet service was fairly well regarded in the industry as a professional service run by people that were good at what they did.

Independent repairers had little trouble with Comet as they repaired the products that they sold, looking after their own customers just as many independents try to do and therefore there was little if any conflict of interest.

Alan hardman
Having bought my new tv less than two months ago, I was shocked when it was broken one morning, having had to wait two weeks for the repair, I've now had it returned eithout power cables and a team that had no idea it was supposed to be wall mounted, this was a problem when the team who came to pick the tv up when it was broken as well. I have now been told tha it is impossible to trad in for a larger tv, I am never using comet again for anything.
Pamela Maude
Reported a fault on 28th June with my television. Just been informed (31st July) that all Comet engineers have been made redundant so they are now collecting the tv after a month.

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