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Please note that we are not GoLocal and this is information on the company only, we will not be able to assist you with any queries for or regarding this company

Go Local Reactive or, Go Local, is a marketing company that promotes itself online under various guises and websites in order to attempt to capture service calls and pass them to local independent companies, of course taking a commission in the process.

GoLocal Reactive company LogoAs far as we can ascertain the business was formed by a Daniel Waterhouse in 2010 according to whom the business is based on an American business model.

The company holds membership of various bodies in order to lend itself credibility.

To our knowledge Go Local employs no appliance engineers and is merely a marketing company that subcontracts all repairs.

So far as we aware their experience with any repairs to household products that they advertise to repair is minimal.

  Appliance Trade Perception Of Golocal

Go Local does not hold a very good reputation within the industry.

Early in 2012 some repairers that had carried out work on behalf of Go Local had reported that Go Local had failed to pay them for work carried out. This led to one member producing a document that details the issue of a CCJ for an unsettled debt owed by the company.

At this point many of the repairers have refused to accept any work from Go Local for obvious reasons unless the work is pre-paid.

Update 16 May 2012 - We have heard that a voluntary strike off up order has been issued on this company.

Jake Bristowe
Not Lauren Herron
To expose the lie that there is no relationship between Go Local in its various guises (Go Local Reactive/Go Local Repairs/Go Local Facilities Ltd) and ServiceNet/GLG Marketing, one only has to consult the records at Companies House.Go Local Reactive was wound up last October, Go Local Repairs starting up the following month under the directorship of one Daniel Paul Waterhouse.Go Local Facilities Ltd started up last December with Daniel Paul Waterhouse as its Director. DPW resigned 18/03/2013 (possibly due to bankruptcy?) being replaced as Director by Lauren Heron on 19/03/2013.GLG Marketing Ltd has one Director - yes, folks, you've guessed her name - Lauren Heron.Don't they make a lovely couple?
Not Lauren Herron
James Williamson said :
......We have a healthy knowledge of appliances and catering equipment going back some years.
Not in our experience - little knowledge beyond what you can find out on Google. You fleece consumers and engineers alike. No competency, no parts, no truthfulness.Cut the pretence, the leopard's spots don't lie.

James Williamson said :
ServiceNET are not in any way related to, affiliated with or part of Go local Repairs Limited. Not in a legal, professional or structural capacity. ServiceNET purchased some assets including advertising, existing websites and paper advertising when Go local repairs closed.
Is that u Dan? Ha ha ha ha [censored]er.

James Williamson
...Our subcontractors have the option at the point of signing their contract to decide if they want to provide the parts of if they would prefer we do it. We can supply parts for most models Nationwide and have access to a wide variety of user service manuals.We all have our own opinions but there is enough middle ground for us all to stand on. If it's not for you, that's fair enough and I wish you well.
James Williamson
......We have a healthy knowledge of appliances and catering equipment going back some years. We have directly employed engineers working throughout London and subcontract to the rest of the UK (except vacuum repairs, which are all completed by directly employed tradesmen). We are currently looking to employ one more fully employed engineer to do gas and heatworks in London.
James Williamson
Hi KennethOur aim is to offer the customer a level of security not always guaranteed on an independent level. We offer options to secure extended warranties, pay-per-month kitchen appliance cover, complete home care packages and facilities management services for commercial outfits. Of course we also offer one off call outs. Whilst I do not want to openly discuss salaries, I can say that our average rate of pay for a sub contracted appliance engineer is quite a way above the standard rate from a well known company with screwdrivers on their vans.......
James Williamson
Upon looking at the link your referenced, what you are unfortunately referring are the original incorporation documents for 'Go local Repairs'. As the link asks that you pay a fee of 5 pounds to access the documents I would guesstimate that you didn't actually open it, if you did, this would show a new incorporation document for Go local repairs, dated in 2012. boselecta said :
Hi James Williamson,Quot e"ServiceNET are not in any way related to, affiliated with or part of Go local Repairs Limited.".On your websites you say GLG Marketing LTD trading as ServiceNET.Strange as www.companiesintheu would suggest you are the same setup.http://www.companiesintheu now click on "New incorporation documents NEWINC" bingo GLG marketing

Definitely the same company, even the same address, advertising etc. Avoid this company at all costs, a proper scam, they will go bust soon like there previous last 3 companies when they get your money!
Kenneth Watt
Same modus operandi and/or business model.Same assets in some ways, even if they are toxic.Marketing company, nothing to do with appliances bar this business model so no industry history or experience.You take full charge rates from the customer and then expect the guys to repair for not much better than warranty rates. So the customers get a service befitting the rate only, whatever of these types of business, you cannot give the volume or support to justify those rates.Which brings me onto, what technical support do you offer? Or, in fact, what do you actually bring to the party other than being a middle man taking a feee for not a lot from what I can see bar a bit of marketing?Are you really shocked that there is more than a small degree of suspicion especially after the repairers have been burned time after time by getting involved in this sort of thing?I wouldn't and I wouldn't recommend that sort of service to the engineers or to end customers. Ever. Nobody gains anything out that bar you.

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