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  Indesit Service

Please note that we are not Indesit and this is information on the company only, we will not be able to assist you with any queries for or regarding this company

Indesit Service is in effect what used to be Hotpoint Service which Indesit Company inherited when it bought the Hotpoint, Creda and other UK brands from General Domestic Appliances in 2001. It now uses the workforce that was already in place to carry out repairs for all Indesit Company owned brands in the UK.

Hotpoint Indesit service vanFor a period of time between the demise of the Mastercare operation and the moving of the nomadic Currys or Dixons contract to NESN then to repaircare, Hotpoint Service carried out repairs for the electricals retailer.

Trade rumours suggest that the service section was losing lots of money as a result of holding this contract and that it was terminated and, although there is little hard evidence to back these claims up, there is certainly considerable anecdotal evidence to support the claims.

The service, outside of this dabble in third party contract work, appears to have settled on concentrating on repairs to it's own brands only and seems not to be interested in taking on outside contract work.

The core Indesit Company brands that are serviced are:

  • Hotpoint
  • Indesit
  • Ariston
  • Scholtes
  • Creda


We fully expect that through 2016 and beyond that this will be rolled into Whirlpool service in one form or another given Whirlpool's aquisition of the Indesit Company.

  Indesit Appliance Service Franchises

In 2004 members of the trade appliance forums found that Indesit were advertising service "franchises".

Later it was also discovered that these franchise style service agencies were being offered to existing Indesit employed service personnel. The assumption within the trade was that this was to negate the cost of running the service to the company and reduce its liabilities to the employees.

Due to low rates and the level of investment required coupled with the low returns and poor guarantees of work given to a franchise engineer this program does not appear to have gained much traction. Certainly to those outside of Indesit it hasn't attracted much uptake that we are aware of.

  Repair Trade Perception Of Indesit Service

On their own products Indesit or Hotpoint service seem to be reasonably good although they have been criticised for beign slow to call out many times over the years.

When they serviced products outside of their own remit the service was regarded as poor.

The independent appliance trade rarely comes into conflict with Hotpoint service as the brands that sell in volume, Hotpoint and Creda, have always carried a five year spare part warranty and until recently, Indesit was not seen as a massive volume brand in the UK. Those that retail the products however do get frustrated with the level of service, primarily in relation to reaction times to calls.

my hotpoint oven and hob requie repairing
Iam insured for kitchen cover. My oven and ignition on my hob are not working

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