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  British Gas

British Gas entered into the appliance repair industry a number of years ago with an appliance cover or warranty plan that acts much as an insurance policy would to cover you from the cost of repairs to your appliances.

The new British Gas corporate logoBritish Gas typically sells its appliance repair cover as part of a package, often as an add-on bundle to gas boiler repair cover which is the core business.

British Gas used to sub-contract appliance repair work to a company called Repair & Care which is subsequently bought and, a short time later, it bought a national repair company called National Homecare which was primarily a repair service for the then Servis UK. Many independent companies were contracted to Repair & Care but National Homecare employed its own workforce of service engineers which, so far as we are aware, were rolled into becoming British Gas employees.

To date British Gas appears to have largely serviced only it's own customers however it has been known to carry out repairs and modifications for third parties. It appears that recently British Gas carried out many of the modifications required by Beko to resolve the issue of fridge freezer fires.

British Gas does subcontract repair work in some areas as required but this appears to be patchy.

British Gas cover tens of thousands of homes under its policies with the total number of policies or plans running said to be well in excess of one million. This makes British Gas one of, if not, the largest appliance repair operations in the UK.

  Fixed Price Appliance Repairs

The British Gas model is similar to that being adopted by others within the service industry in that they are attempting to put customers on a rolling monthly plan for cover, in essence a fixed price appliance repair service.

Direct competitors include Homeserve and Domestic & General.

There are a number of websites and reviews that question the value for money that this scheme offers customers with the consensus being that they do not represent good value for money.

A British Gas service van

  Online Criticism Of British Gas

British Gas appliance repair service has a number of negative online reviews like most large repair services, interestingly however they appear to fare better than many other national repair operations. Again though it is important to remember that British Gas carry out tens of thousands of repairs every year in the UK and even several hundred complaints would represent a small proportion of the whole. Please bear this in mind when looking at online reviews of this service.

British Gas appear to rarely, if ever, respond directly to online criticism of their services.

if you do have an experience of British gas appliance service please feel free to share it below or in our appliance forums.

  Appliance Repair Trade Perception of British Gas

Several of the independent appliance repairers have anything positive to say about British Gas.

The general feedback seems to be that British Gas, like other large companies, will change direction and stop any work at little notice and with scant regard for any subcontractors and this has led to negative feelings towards the company from the appliance repair trade. Primarily this appears to be down to the historical events surrounding the service and, in some cases, from ex-British Gas employees who now run their own businesses.

In 2012 British Gas have expressed a desire to explore working with independent appliance repairers on a subcontract basis again but, as yet, little details are available.

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