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  Whirlpool Service

Please note that we are not Whirlpool and we will not be able to assist with service calls or recalls ongoing with the brand or any of the sub-brands

In recent years Whirlpool's market share in the UK has been on the decline to the point at which, in 2012, rumours within the industry started to reach us that Whirlpool had all but abandoned the UK as a lost cause. Certainly looking about online it would seem that, other than a few products, Whirlpool have become harder to track down.

But that leaves Whirlpool with a bit of a problem. What to do about service.

Traditionally Whirlpool had it's Service Partner Network that was almost exclusive in servicing Whirlpool Group products but, with the declining sales follows a decline in service requirements and since they require to retain their own service it looks as if Whirlpool have started to market their service network to third parties in order to increase repair volumes to its partners.

Interestingly Whirlpool also use the "Cover +1" type system from Domestic & General (DAG) to take and distribute all their service calls and, on a recent email that found its way into our possession from two sources, it appears that the opening hours are exactly the same as Domestic & General's call centres. Given that Whirlpool (to our knowledge) no longer have a call centre as such for service it would make a whole lot of sense for them to outsource this to DAG.

Quite what the situation is with this service network is really largely unknown because to our knowledge, this service has not been offered to very many companies thus far and has only popped up since the demise of Independent Service (ISDAL) so we can only speculate presently.

One thing is for sure however, it probably will not be a cheap way to get service on a national basis.

  Whirlpool Service Marketing

To our knowledge there has been no open marketing of this facility at all.

  Trade Perception Of Whirlpool Service

The trade generally acknowledge that the Whirlpool service partners are very good at what they do, repairing Whirlpool and the other brands like Maytag, Ignis, Admiral and so on that are Whirlpool owned. But, not so great at others and most of the Service Partners we don't think would disagree with that view.

However we would point out that most of the Service Partners do a good job in general and are professional but do, at times, seem out of their comfort zone with multi-brand contracts.

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