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Please note that we are not ServiceNet and this is information on the company only, we will not be able to assist you with any queries for or regarding this company

ServiceNet are a company that have started after GoLocal seemed to cease to trade taking on much of the intellectual property of GoLocal according to ServiceNet.

ServiceNet company logo

ServiceNet is a facilitator only from what we can learn, it does not possess any field operatives at all as far as we are aware however, with former employees of 0800 Repair it would not be surprising if field service was carried out in-house on some level.

Beyond this little is known at this point about the business other than that it seeks to take payment for repairs upfront and then pass that work to local repairers to carry out. 

It would be fair to say that ServiceNet is little more than a marketing company that charges a fee to pass a repair job to a local contractor.

They also operate the "Dyson Repair Centre", a Dyson vacuum cleaner repair service.

However it has come to light that the company intends to expand into the crowded and highly competative warranties market during 2013 although we have no knowledge if the schemes are self-backed and financed and, if not, who they are being underwritten by.

  Trade Reception

Because of the purchase of former GoLocal property there was, almost inevitably, a link drawn between ServiceNet and GoLocal but any such link has been strenuously denied by ServiceNet. Several forum members remain convinced that there is a link given the timings and circumstances of ServiceNet's arrival as well as the very similar look and feel to the business model, website and modus operandi of GoLocal.

Suspicion is raised further because the address used by ServiceNet is an address forwarding service and not the real address for the business. This means that should any invoicing go unpaid, there is no way by which to track down the company. It has also made it difficult to verify the validity of the business or, who operates it regardless of whose names appear as the registered directors.

It comes then as little surprise that all company websites linked to ServiceNet use the same mailing address, including many websites targetted to capture local search results that appear to be merely rebranded former GoLocal websites.

Where the ServiceNet business is actually located and who is involved remains a mystery.

Service Net customer feedback that seems to have been removed from their Twitter feed

Due to this some repairers have refused to carry out any work for ServiceNet.

For forum members with trade access more can be learned in this lengthy topic about ServiceNet in the trade forums.

  Customer Feedback

We have had little feedback about ServiceNet to date with one ServiceNet customer claiming that they were being overcharged for a spare part which ordinarily is not a big deal but, in this instance, the overcharge was more than double the regular price for the spare. Whether this is typical or an error is completely unknown at the time of writing.

Service companies have fed back from customers that they felt that they have been cheated or ripped off but how much substance or evidence that there is to it is open to debate. 

One such instance is the post on Twitter from Emma Lord on ServiceNet's Twitter feed, which is not very kind to the company or their service or pricing.

It is up to people to make their own mind up on whether ServiceNet is good or bad but, as new entrants, there are bound to be things that go wrong and it is important to note that it is a new company.

  Our Impression

Our impression is of a young company that made the mistake of taking on a lot of baggage from a defunct company that has been largely derided in the applaince industry for, essentially, ripping people off. Whether or not this inherited impression remains around the neck of ServiceNet like a millstone remains to be seen.

Despite strongly denying any link to GoLocal other than the purchase of some elements of the failed business it is little wonder that links have been drawn by a number of people in the trade and we cannot understand why this is the case or the advantage of buying and using assets from a company with such a bad reputation.

This is reinforced by the address not being a real one and merely a forwarding serivce and the lack of information about who is involved with the company. These factors alone do make the business look somewhat suspicious.

Only time and feedback from engineers and customers alike will show whether ServiceNet is here to stay or not.

  Update August 2013

We have now received information that seems to indicate a direct link between Servicenet and GoLocal in several documents. On the strength of the documents that we have received we would have to say that the two are most certainly linked to one another given that "GLG Marketing" is shorthand for Go Local Group Marketing and that the current director named at Companies House is a former director of the failed GoLocal business.

Therefore we have to update our advice to being that this business should be avoided by both the trade and public alike.

S Day
I sent a Dyson cleaner to The Cyclone Centre in February paid £79 I did get it back after several calls, it lasted 3 days before stopping, I realised I had been conned when no response from email or phone calls, mine came back wrapped in lots of plastic, even the delivery man commented on the packaging. Should have known too good to be true !!!!!
Steve Philips
I sent off a Dyson cleaner to these crooks in February for a repair and service. They were quick enough to take the payment, but that's about it. When I called to query what was happening they didn't answer the phone, and 5 weeks later the vacuum cleaner was eventually returned with no invoice or anything to say what work had been carried out. I plugged it in, and lo and behold it still had the same poor suction fault.They ignored all my complaints, so I had no choice but to recover my money through my credit card company, who were happy to oblige.
Rod Norman
I've joined the club, sadly I sent my Dyson to The Dyson a Centre in early March. I guess it's lost along with my £79! These people At 7 Craftsman Square Southend are compulsive liars and thieves. I am in the very slow process of writing to every local newspaper in Kent and Essex, along with contacting dozens of genuine service companies to warn their readers and customers of this cowboy outfit. Shortly I shall contact Rogue Traders on TV with a stack of evidence.
Keith Roberts
Don't deal with these people! We sent a Miele vacuum cleaner to be repaired in early March and then had to pay £50 up front by phone. No subsequent phone calls are answered at all and emails also go unanswered. Today, May 18th, we finally got our machine back, untouched and unrepaired and unboxed, just lying in a polythene bag. £50 out of pocket and enormous inconvenience without a cleaner
Jane P
I think I've lost my Henry to these charlatans.BUT: I did open a dispute via Paypal and managed to get my money back. And, somehow, I feel lucky!They claimed they had 'seized trading' - and the websites are no longer up. I will be reporting to Trading Standards as a matter of course. Not that I think it will make a difference - they'll Phoenix Up as another company soon enough.Danny - would be interested to see how you get on visiting the company!
hi all,my wife sent our dyson to the dyson repair centre over a month ago. is it safe to ay our money and dyson are now lost?!?I've left them various messages and next step is to drive down to their southend on sea address to get the thing back!any advice would be welcome!dan
Linda Jones
The Dyson Repair Centre & The Cyclone Centre are one and the same based 7a (Warehouse) Craftsman Square, Southend on Sea. Just had terrible experience with them. Very quick to get your business, machine and money (£50 in my case)& that's about it. Incredibly difficult and costly to get anyone to answer phone-took me 3 days trying 3 different numbers-finally got someone on 08446950016. Told that faulty switch on Miele vacuum was because the motor needed replacing costing another £150 odd pounds. Told them to send machine back immediately (also sent strong email saying I would report them to authorities if it didn't come back & in the same condition as sent). It was returned-had been messed with as screw was floating around & the switch unit is now loose as well as still faulty but there is nothing wrong with the motor, still works by switching on/off at wall plug as it did before. I'm pretty sure I've been ripped off. Their websites look good but these people most certainly are not.
No Hoover
Warning- they're doing Henry Hoovers too.http://www.thehenryvacuumr BOOK. My Henry has disappeared to the Dyson Repair Centre in Essex (saw the address on the box) I've spent a small fortune on premium rate calls, and even by email they keep fobbing me off saying it will be sent 'soon'. They promise a 7 day turn around. I've been three weeks without my hoover and it looks like now I'll be without it over Easter too.I've cancelled the card details I gave them, (money's already gone) and I'm preparing legal proceedings against the company. How dare they treat customers this way? They've avoided me, ignored me, fobbed me off and lied to me every step of the way. I bitterly regret ever finding their website.I just wish to god I'd seen this first.
Appliance Man
Just thought I would update many of the people in this forum as these were the 2 new directors near the end of ServiceNet/A1Repairs/The Repair Co as they seem to not be trading at all now and owe a lot of people money! I know all of this information due to involvement with the company itself! Beware of F1X 4 U LIMITED or any company involved with Adam Adey and Nicola Denise Piper
Appliance Man
ServiceNet Ltd in the later stages of them actually trading were calling themselves "The Repair Co" and the parent company was actually called "A1 Repairs (UK) Ltd". This was taken over by Adam Adey and Nicola Denise Piper at the End of November 2014. The takeover was not successful at all leaving lots of suppliers and customers out of pocket. They then decided to turn all sites and telephone numbers off leaving customer appointments and general customer service. Nicola Denise Piper and Adam Adey were appointed to a new company in Mid December called "F1X 4 U LIMITED" that is registered to the same address: UNIT 7 CRAFTSMAN SQUARE,TEMPLE FARM BUSINESS PARK,SOUTHEND ON SEA,ESSEX,SS1 5RH where I guess they are looking to set something similar up trading under a different name.

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