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  National Appliance Care

Please note that we are not National Appliance Care and this is information on the company only, we will not be able to assist you with any queries for or regarding this company

National Appliance Care LogoNational Appliance Care or NAC are a Wakefield based call agency that is a “virtual” operation in that, it employs the services of other repairers outside of its immediate area to carry out work.

The roots of NAC stem back to a Mr Adrian Welke who operated a repair and sales operation close to Cardiff in South Wales. When that business, after several name changes, finally folded Mr Welke concentrated efforts on his online businesses.

Initially this was under the monicker of which subsequently morphed into and thereafter became National Appliance Care.

Although this company does have representation in our forums they have been limited in what they can post and have no access to private messaging due to repeated policy abuses.

  Business Model

What NAC does is to trawl the internet for leads then, effectively, sell those leads onto repair companies across the UK. The unique selling point being that the repairer is not asked to pay for the lead until the repair is completed.

The rates do vary and are usually pitched at £20 per call as has been the case by a representative of NAC in our forums although we have heard of that rate being dropped to as low as £12 per call for some.

Sadly this rate, even at its lowest, will often be more than the repairer can make on any repair so the danger is that the customer, one way or another, will have to fund the shortfall.

Recently however NAC seems to be wishing to branch into business to business repair work offering to carry out service work on behalf of commercial clients. How successful that is or indeed will be is yet to be seen.

Also there is some kind of online service management system that they also are involved in.

To us it looks as if NAC have replicated a number of functions available on this website among others for free but, charge for some and not for others that we presume is in order to entice or attract new sign ups.

  Trade Reception

Some repairers do appear to have signed up to this service but, not that many.

The uktradebook site shows only twenty active members at the time of writing.

The NAC website show substantially more but no company details are published so it is not possible to say whether or not that these are genuine members, pins on the map or simply a marketing tool for search engine optimisation reasons.

Looking at the detail that is provided however we would suspect that this was largely a marketing endeavour.


There has to date been very little independent feedback from either the trade or members of the public on this service. Whether this is due to low volume or for some other reason is presently unknown.

Spencer Hinton
Appalling customer service and value for money
We paid NAC £142 to replace our broken fridge motor. It broke again after only four months and they told us the work was only guaranteed for three months and any further work would be fully chargeable. They provided no paperwork, no receipts and no explanation of warranty. Avoid this company at all costs - they are cowboys and crooks!

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