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  Minerva Services

Minerva Services is the service arm of a company called Warranty Solutions that was set up in 2015 primarily, so far as we can gather, to carry out work for Vestel and the various retailer own brand labels that Vestel sell products to.

This as well as many of Vestel’s own brand labels such as Servis and Sharp.

Largely though it seems to be of the like of ProAction and Bush from Argos, Russell Hobbs form Asda and so on.

Previously this work was carried out by JTM Contracts and/or 0800 Repair.

Given the relatively recent formation of the company not much is known about them nor can any comment be passed however they have been working closely with the Whitegoods Trade Association in a bid to provide a more rounded and quality level of service so, that is in their favour.

Warranty Solutions, as the name might suggest, is a provider of warranty underwriting for a number of brands and retailers where the cost of service is “underwritten” effectively by an insurer to remove the liability from the manufacturer, brand owner or retailer. This type of system is relatively common within the appliance industry.

As far as we can gather, before the split between Vestel and JTM/0800 service that was required by Warranty Solutions on Vestel and Termikel domestic appliances was being provided by First4Service.

Mrs phillips
Bush BCL100DFB
Looking for a door seal for the fan oven on a bush bcl100dfb thanks
Frank Thompson
I\'m finding that the Sharp range of appliances are of a great standard and coming complete with a 5 year warranty with a great price they sell well. That said I recently replaced my good old faithful Bosch washer and the Sharp requires a new motor which although functions once warm gives off the acrid smell we all know well. Now registering these Sharp\'s is also a nightmare as the UK website won\'t list the model or allow you too. So there you go I\'m looking forward to Minerva giving me a call and maybe they will take onboard the amendments required.

Did I see the name Charles Hyde involved somewhere maybe within the contact details of Sharp? Now there\'s a name from the past :-)

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