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  Troll Alert

Warning, this article is candid, blunt and to the point.

So, you think you know better than the mass of knowledge contained within the site trade users, moderators and site admin? Usually that's how people will end up at this page as a regular user or moderator has decided that you'd better read this before continuing and, as you may have already guessed, it is very common for someone to come onto the forums and decide that they know better.

Thankfully we see very little of this behaviour on UK Whitegoods and very rarely have to give out any warnings or moderate people.

The UK Whitegoods Notice to forum trolls

That's fine and, if that is truly your opinion and you are unwilling to listen to others and consider the merits of other opinions then, in all honesty, you may as well leave now.

You see we are trying to help you understand the industry better as, whilst there are similarities to others, the domestic appliance industry has many a little nuance that makes it a bit different.

In order to show you how many times we hear the same tired old arguments that get posted within the forums especially I've broken it up for you into a section for the top ones we see all the time.

  Cheap Appliances Are Better

This is very common to hear and, if you think that cheap throwaway products are better then that's fine, we don't and we never will. You will not change our mind nor that of anyone with an ounce of common sense.

Cheap appliances have a poorer build quality, reduced performances, poorer components, usually poorer after sales service, more expensive spare parts and poor customer care.

Why do they have all these downsides? It's really very simple, when you strip out all the costs and are making no decent margins you cannot support good after sales or customer care as you're not making the money to do it and you make the parts more expensive to claw back what profit you can after the initial sale. It isn't rocket science to work it out and the people that buy cheap products are actually making this situation for themselves, then we often hear complaints about poor service, expensive spares and the likes yet the person posting has never considered that this is a situation of their own making.

Until people wake up and realise this the status quo will remain and manufacturers will do what they have to do to remain in business.

Throwaway products are also an environmental disaster, which only serve to contribute to filling landfill sites and producing more pollution at source to make more rubbish for you to throw away. End of story, there is no argument to defend this. Whether you believe or not in Global Warming or Climate Change you cannot deny that putting product into landfill, polluting and using more energy unnecessarily to produce more is bad, very bad.

The only reasons that anyone would choose to buy cheap appliances is that either you are cheap and don't think about it or that you can't afford it. Our advice is to buy the best you can afford.

  They All Do The Same Thing

Then we have the performance of appliances.

People come on and tell us that they all operate the same way, do the same thing and produce the same results. This is totally incorrect and, thus far, the only time we've heard this argument (funnily enough) is from people outside the appliance industry. To cut it short, these people that tell us that they know better on this count simply do not, they've used a few appliances when we've seen, tested and used hundreds if not thousands over the years, who do you think is more qualified to hold a balanced view on what works and what doesn't, what's good and what's bad?

So to add to the first section, the better the design, build quality and components used in construction of an appliance the better the performance becomes generally. Not in every case, but in almost all this simple caveat will apply, "You get what you pay for".

But trying to tell us that all appliances, be it cookers, washers, dryers, dishwashers or whatever are all the same is like telling our friends that all cars are the same, doesn't matter which one you buy. You'd be wrong with that and you'd be wrong doing the same with appliances and, if you don't see that, then you obviously know little about the appliance industry.

  All Parts Are The Same

This is another popular choice for people trolling for an argument.

No, they're not all the same, if they were all the same then there wouldn't be different prices and parts being produced from different producers. If they are all the same then you're saying that a factory in Turkey, one in Italy, another in Poland and one in China all produce exactly the same part, to exactly the same specification and exactly the same quality standards. Don't you think that's pretty much impossible and, if not impossible at least highly improbable?

Fact is there are good parts and bad parts, good quality suppliers and poor ones.

We supply the good ones and never knowingly supply the poorer one and, yes, that does make us more expensive and, yes, that does lose us sales as people that buy on price alone will always do so, we can't change that. However, we can rest assured and assure our customers that we supply the best possible part available and we guard our reputation as well as quality of service zealously.

So if you want cheap parts, head off to Ebay or whatever and take your chances, just don't complain if the part is wrong, doesn't fit or fails in a few weeks or months.

  Service Engineers Are Rubbish & Unskilled

This is one that winds us all up on a personal level quite a bit.

Appliance service engineers are massively skilled people. They have to deal with gas, water and electricity as well as having customer skills and diagnostic skills and yet they are valued less and paid less than say, a plumber or an electrician.

Have you any idea how knowledgeable many appliance service engineers actually are?

Many field service engineers come from a military background with training to strip-down a jet fighter, many come from a customer care and servicing background in large corporations and do this for an "easier life" and many have been brought up in the industry.

Are you seriously going to try to tell us that these people are unskilled?

The point is that you have no clue what the engineer's background is nor have you any idea of how clever many of them actually are or even what skills or qualifications that they hold. So, before you shoot your mouth off and assume that you are talking to an unskilled person, consider the above as there are several service engineers on UK Whitegoods that are massively competent that are way smarter than you may think.

  You Always Say Call An Engineer

Total rubbish, we don't and if you read through the forums a little you will see many cases where problems have been solved.

If you also take the time to read the forum rules and stickies you will see the constraints within which we have to work legally. Read them before posting some rubbish that you will regret.

We also generally "know" when it is time for you to get a professional and we have to err on the side of caution as we don't want to put people in danger trying to repair something that could cause harm.

  Just Tell Me How To Fix It

Again, read the forum rules and stickies before you get yourself into an argument you cannot win.

We cannot, for insurance and legal reasons, give you step by step, blow by blow instructions on how to fix something. Don't ask in the forums, by PM or be email because we won't tell you.

We can offer general assistance but you have to be smart and confident enough to read between the lines and suss a bit of it out for yourself, we won't walk you through it step by step.

The reason is really rather simple, we have to assume a level of "competence" carry out the repair in question so we will say something like, change or remove the pump, we won't tell you how to do that as we have to assume that you're smart enough to work that out for yourself. If you can't work that out then you cannot be considered to be "competent" and therefore our advice will be to call in a professional engineer.

More in the next section on this.

  But I'm A Rocket Scientist Just Tell Me How

These sometimes make us laugh as, were we to go onto a car website and say, "Oh it's okay I repair appliances so I am mechanical, just tell me how to strip the engine" we'd get rightly laughed at and told to "go away".

But that's not the only problem with this and the previous section.

We don't really care whether you do or do not consider yourself to be competent at all, it is of no concern to us. What is a concern to us is the next 500 people that read that thread and decide, without having the skills or proper tools, to have a go anyway. What happens is that person is injured, blows up the machine or even, heaven forbid, dies? Who's to blame?

You don't know who will read your post, how competent they are, if they are disabled, colour-blind or just don't follow the instructions properly.

We live in a "Blame & Claim" world now, someone is always to blame and we don't want to be held responsible for injury or even death nor do we want that on our conscience. You might not like that, but it's the way it is I'm afraid and so we have to do as much as possible to protect you as well as those that read a thread after you do.

To this end if you post up something that we consider is too dangerous for others to try or that is just plain stupid, we will remove it.

  Getting Personal

We don't tolerate personal attacks on this website, period. Having a pop at one of the moderators or site admin on a personal level is almost certain to get you banned.

Treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself and remember that all too often people write things in a manner that perhaps don't convey the humour behind the writing very well. Please, be patient and tolerant of others, they are often trying to help you even if they are blunt, to the point and honest.

  The Best Advice We Can Offer

Read, listen, learn. Speak with authority and knowledge on a subject, don't make blind assumptions especially if you are prejudiced toward technicians.

The techs on this site represent probably close on if not more than, a millennium of industry experience, most with more than ten or twenty years in the industry often working many different aspects of it. They KNOW this industry inside out, you don't.

Ask, probe, prod by all means but do not attempt to troll or start an argument as, frankly, these guys collectively have more experience than you can possibly fathom.

And, the best of it is that they give up their time completely for free to try to help you and others, a little respect for that wouldn't go amiss.

  Trade Forums

All the above applies.

However there are or, have been, several trade members over the years who think it would be fun to come onto the forums and try to cause a little mayhem and, in short, it will not be tolerated.

Where the moderators or site admin suspect a trolling post or one that is intended to cause mischief we have the unreserved right to delete, move, place on hold any post that we see fit to do so with.

Repeated offenders will be placed on the moderation queue meaning that all posts made are subject to scrutiny before the post will be approved and published. The posts made may be subject to alteration or editing in some way to make them suitable for publication, any offensive remarks or remarks made to deliberately incite or provoke argument will often be removed.

Repeated breaches after that will lead to a permanent ban from the site.

The moderators or site admin's decision is final and, at each stage the user will be warned repeatedly concerning their behaviour before any action is taken. 

After that it is a collective decision on the appropriate action to take.

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