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  Appliance Consultancy

UK Whitegoods regularly undertakes consultancy work on a mixture of both commercial and pro bono footings.

As a reputable source of information with a vast knowledge of the domestic appliance industry we will usually have the answer to most questions or, know where to find them when it comes to large appliances.

  Pro Bono Work

Pro bono work or, “for the public good” we do all the time.

UK Whitegoods will very regularly assist the press along with other media interests very often on a free of charge basis with stories that are about or affect the domestic appliance industry. We provide background information, information about companies, products, problems and faults and more besides. This can be in writing or media appearances for radio and/or television etc.

We also have helped many academic institutions with projects undertaken on environmental concerns with domestic appliances, sustainability and so forth often being asked to give talks at universities and the like. Normally we will provide this where possible and, within reason, completely free of charge.

What we cannot do is get involved with individuals students so please, don’t ask as we can only speak to the faculty.

Government we have helped with many topics over the years from Gas Safe to the environment, electrical safety, sustainability studies and consumer affairs issues. We’ve worked with DEFRA, WRAP, the OFT, Trading Standards and others to help them deliver information or services in the public interest. Once more wherever possible and free of charge if possible.

Our work in these fields is often considered to be invaluable and offers an insight into the appliance industry from a completely neutral point of view as, we do not make any appliances so we have no vested commercial interest from that perspective. But, we know an awful lot about it from manufacturing through logistics, sales channels to market and spare parts and servicing, our knowledge of the topic is vast. Most people however, even just skimming the website, do realise that pretty quickly.

And, if we’re honest, it makes us feel good about ourselves to give something freely for the public good.

  Commercial Consultancy

We also do regularly consult on topics on a commercial basis when asked by commercial organisations.

Sadly for most of the work that we do in this regard we are bound by commercial confidentiality from discussing the topics and nature of this consultancy work and this also prevents us from being able to share some of our clients. Suffice to say, there are a few globally recognised names that most people would know and, if you are in the appliance industry, you’ll definitely know.

Aside from our specialist areas that are probably pretty evident, we have been involved in product design, usability studies, sales and marketing initiatives and probably more that we’ve forgotten about.

And we can tell you that we do regularly undertake consultancy work in respect of appliance servicing, consumer affairs, warranty, market channels and a bunch of other stuff that we know about. Probably we know too much about some of it!

Given our deep respect for privacy that, if you’ve read much about UK Whitegoods you will probably be fully aware of, we are afraid can’t share much more detail on these consultancy contracts.

Even if we cannot help you however, we probably know who will be able to.

To get help with anything you need to know just ask us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll get back to you.

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