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  Engineer Search Explained

You may have come across our unique appliance engineer search and wondering how you get your appliance repair business registered on the repair search function. Here we will explain how to do that.

If you have an independent repair company, that is to say that you do not offer national coverage or more than about a hundred postcodes, you can apply for a listing completely free of charge. We do not charge for this service at all, it is offered as a free referral service to both trade and public.

If you haven't yet seen the appliance repair search you can find it from this link.

UK Whitegoods appliance engineer search facility

  What The Search Does

The engineer search function came about due to a need for the public (and some corporate trade) wishing to search our database of appliance repairers to find companies in specific areas that repaired specific products and until we created the original repairs@ module no such a search existed. Or, certainly not one that was as open and free as ours was.

The search allows people to enter their postcode, appliance type and appliance make where the postcode, product and brand are matched against our database of repairers for each enquiry and wherever there is a suitable repairer available the results are returned. 

This simple search makes it really easy for your customers to find you, quickly and know that you will repair their machine without having to trawl through phonebooks or hunt the Internet looking for a repairer.

But, more than that, all the repairers must adhere to the basic code of conduct that was set some years ago, carry public liability insurance and be bound by our system for dealing with any complaints that may arise. Not that we have to do much on the complaints front, in six years we have had three, from over 50,000 enquiries.

The enquiry is then passed to you by email (we can only send enquiries to a valid email address) for you to contact the customer and help with the issue.

It's fast, it's safe and it's accurate.

And, free.

  How To Get Listed

The first thing you have to do is sign up for a trade account in for the forums. We cannot list accounts on the appliance repair search facility from September 2011 without you having a trade account for the UK Whitegoods forums as the account is set to be linked to your user account to view and alter settings.

To find out how to get an account and trade access assigned to it, please see this article

In the meantime, here's a list of what you will require to get listed on the appliance repair search:

  • Site username (Not your password, we will never ask for that)
  • All your business contact details including email address
  • Public liability details
  • A list of the postcode areas covered - we cannot accept town names or things like "within XX miles of XXXXX", we must use postcodes
  • List of products and brands that you cover although you will be able to alter them later
  • WTA membership number if applicable, if you are a paid up WTA member then you will be highlighted on the search as the WTA COP overrides the UKW one and offers consumers more protection.

All these details will be required, if you don't have one or more then we will be unable to set you up on the system as we need all these details to give customers the best possible matching repairer.

If you see your business listed in the search and you want your information displayed in the search results as well as displayed to corporate clients the procedure is exaclty the same. We pull data on appliance repair companies from the internet, word of mouth, agency lists and a host of other sources so you may well see your company displayed even although you may not be aware of it. However, we only show partial details and we do not present your business as a result in our search as we do not know what you do or where and that information is vital in delivering quality search results.


We’re constantly working on this stuff and improving the way it works for both general public users searching for repairers and for the repairers as well.

During the course of 2016 we’ve made some huge changes to the search that offers repair and maintenance companies even more flexibility and features making the facility even more useful.

Here we will explain some of the best new features for repairers that help you deliver better service and, save both you and your customers time.

  Online Booking Form

You can now have an online booking form that uses the same system to ping back details from your own website to either email or Rapport.

You do not need Rapport to use this feature, you can use simple email.

This is also a free service.

All you need to do this is a website basically and be able to edit it. Pretty much, that's all you need so long as you're okay dropping in code to a page just as you might a YouTube video or suchlike.

  How It Works

What happens is that you drop in the code and up pops a booking form on a page of your own website that allows customers to your own website to log a call and send it to you.

We will use the Careys website as an example.

What they have is a button on their site like this...


careys button


On the Careys website, in this case the homepage that button looks like this...


careys webpage


When pressed that leads to the call booking page that looks like this...


careys booking form


If you want to check it out a bit more you can visit Careys here:

So far as customers are concerned that's it, fill in the boxes, press submit and they're done. You've got the call, they've got a confirmation of the enquiry via email.

And hopefully, everyone is happy and gets an easier, better and faster service.


Here's where we got a bit funky.

There's more we can do here but that's for the future but for now with that captured data you can do the the following:

  Traditional email notification

All the details just get pinged via email in a format that anyone that's ever gotten a job from the old repairs@, the last incarnation of the engineer search or the new search will be familiar enough with.

If you have you email set up to what's know as "push" to your phone then even if you're out and about you'll get a notification that there's mail as usual.

In essence, there's no difference from a regular email.

This is totally free, absolutely no cost to you.

  SMS notification

This is new.

If you have a phone (or whatever) that can receive SMS, you can use this feature which is especially useful to sole traders.

There is a cost as, bluntly there is a cost to buy SMS facilities but, it is cheap although as it is not free we cannot pass it on as free and we have to levy a small charge for it.

When enabled this function sends the details of any enquiry to your device/s via standard SMS and via email as well as above.

  Rapport notification

Also new.

What happens here is that if you use Rapport and enable the function any enquiry will come straight to your dashboard and show as a call waiting to be booked. All the details are pre-populated using the information provided by the form (or from the search on UKW/WTA) so you don't even need to type it in.

All you need do is call the customer, confirm whatever you need to and book it onto the diary.


You do not need to enable this and you do not need to be a Rapport user to use any of these functions bar the Rapport one. It's completely your choice.

You can find out much more about Rapport on the dedicated website here

  Telephone Support

We added direct telephone support in 2016 that gives the users searching for repairers the ability to simply press the telephone icon to call you on the primary number. Great for mobile users that just want to give you a ring.

Like everything else, this is logged and you will now be able to see how many phone calls you get as well as logged enquiries from the system.

  More Clever Stuff

Sometimes users come up with brilliant ways to use this stuff, like Careys who have now started to use this facility in their advertising with statements such as:

Find us online at and book a repair online

We'd love to take the credit for coming up with that but we didn't think of it or using it as an advertisement that way, very clever though.

We now also see this form being used to book the likes of DAG calls, as you can see if you look at the form on the Careys website and, it's another clever use that we hadn't thought of.

Still smarter though, the message on Carey's answering service as an example now tells people that they can leave a message of go to the website and book it online! Even if the phone is busy, you can leave a message giving your customers the option to book online rather than waiting in a call queue, a better service.

Even for sole traders, when you might not be able to take the call as your under a washing machine, your customer can still go to your website and log all the call details that you can deal with when possible and convenient to both parties.

Like we said, better, faster, cheaper and less hassle for everyone!

We can't wait to see what other clever uses this is put to by the community of users.

Why not give it a tryout, it’s not going to cost you anything. Simply register completely for free from the button below.


Register to join the engineer search



  Job Weighting

We get asked a lot about how we weight the jobs in the search, often with people wondering why it is that they don’t appear, don’t appear at the top of the results or don’t get much work from the system.

Please keep in mind we are trying to deliver the best and most relevant results for both the user (primarily as we want the users to get the best service) and then also to the repair companies. However there is a formula that we feel does that best.

The obvious ones are the core values that are product type, postcode area and the make or brand. That’s where we started over ten years ago.

Over time we’ve evolved that and hones it with stuff you can see and, stuff you can’t.

Based on the core values we then weight based on trade association membership as all the TA members adhere to a code of practice and therefore should offer a higher level of service.

In the course of 2016/17 we will also be adding authorised agencies into the mix and, the authorised agent will rank higher than a non-authorised service agent.

So if you want to be at the top of the listings, you would have to be a WTA member and be the only authorised service agent for that particular brand in that specific area to guarantee that.

Our feeling being that those repairers will, in almost every single occasion, offer a better service to the user.

  Number Of Calls

We get asked about the number of calls through the system as we mentioned above and this does vary dramatically across the country.

Some regions seem to have a far higher internet use than others do and that does seem the primary reason.

It can be down to the skills and brands that the repairer in question covers.

The products sold in the area.

In short, there’s a heap of variables that we can’t control and we often will simply be guessing as to why the level of enquiries is what it is.


In 2016 we have added statistical information to each account.

You can now see from your dashboard how many calls you’ve had, how many were missed often with the reason why becoming clear and how many phone calls you’ve had.

Our hope is that this allows you to better understand what calls were missed and why as well as letting you see just how much free work you’re getting!

  General Information

The approved appliance engineers repair the following products that are listed on the system:

  • Washing Machines
  • Tumble Dryers
  • Washer Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Ovens
  • Cookers
  • Hobs
  • Cooker Hoods
  • Fridge Freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • Deep Freezers
  • Chest Freezers
  • Waste Disposal Units
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Gas Hobs
  • Gas Ovens
  • Gas Cookers

Most appliance engineers will undertake work on most brands but there can be limitations on what appliances the engineers specialise in carrying out repairs to. Please be aware that not all engineers will repair all products and we ask that they only list the products that they are prepared to repair.

Over 10,000 repairs are searched for using our free appliance engineer search facility every year please mention how you found your local appliance repair engineer when you contact the repairer.

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Hello! I am a member of the public wishing to use your 'Appliance Engineer Search' facility. I was just checking how businesses get listed to see how stringent your listing facility is, and there are a few things I didn't understand? They are listed below:"If you see your business listed in the search and you want your information displayed in the search..."This sentence seems to contradict itself at the end? Does this mean that businesses may find themselves on your list, without applying, but only to other businesses?Also, when I conducted a search of your database, Domestic Bliss of Gosport was listed. I conducted a quick web search for further information and found that a company of this name with the DISSOLVED status on the Companies house database.If this is the case and the company still trading, does this mean it is less trustworthy?Many thanks

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