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  Engineer Search Facility

We are often asked and pick up that the trade are confused over the Engineer Search as in, just what it is and what it costs, this article should explain all. 

If you want to get work directly from UK Whitegoods and you've seen Engineer Search there that offers customers an easy path to find a good service engineer, not only in their area, but with the capability to target brands as well as product types.

  The Cost

The first question that's always asked is, "What will it cost me?", well as an independent repairer it won't cost you a single penny to recieve work from the system. It was designed from the outset to support the independent trade, although it obviously has much more functionality than that.

For corporate clients offering mass coverage of the UK there is charge for the use of the engineer search module and more information is available from site admin. Mass cover can be organised as per your requirements, targeted by postcode areas throughout the UK allowing massive flexibility in product, brand and areas of cover.

  How Do I Apply?

Please see this article for more on the engineer search and how to apply online as well as how it works or you can jump straight to the online application here.

The form requests some detailed information from you for many reasons, the most obvious being that the system will target the work that you request to you and ignore that which you do not want. This is why the information that you give is vital and also why it is so detailed.

Once you have the form filled out and the Charter signed, which is a requirement as we monitor any complaints, send it back by fax, email or snail mail and we'll get you added to the system as soon as possible.

  So What's The Cost After That?

There's none! Nadda, zip, nothing! We do not charge the indies for the use of engineer search or any other area of the site with the obvious exception of the subscribers area, we never will either.

We are currently processing quite literally hundreds of service calls a month through the engineer search, averaging at over 600 calls at least a month, sometimes over 1000 calls a month from customers seeking appliance repairers. From the feedback that we get customers are getting exactly that, good service from good repairers and we're giving you that, totally free of charge.

UK Whitegoods is here to support the independent trade and to help it, that's why we quite simply offer this service free of charge to the independent repairers and to customers. After all, why should customers have to pay to find you?

Nobody else in the world, that we know of, offers such a service free of charge and we can understand that some people may be reluctant to believe that it is free, but it is exactly what we say it is. So, you have to ask yourself, how much money are you losing out on if you're not available to customers on the engineer search module? Can you afford to throw free money away? 

  Basic System Protocols For Repairers

The basic rules in place thus far for the engineer search system are as follows. Any deviation from these rules may result in the removal of the company from the database at any time.

By applying for and using engineer search on UK Whitegoods you accept these terms and rules as being final by accepting calls from the system.

  1. You agree to abide by the UK Whitegoods Charter (WTA and DASA members are exempt as they operate to a higher criteria)
  2. You must have public liability insurance and a copy must be sent to site administration as per above.
  3. Any complaints will be referred in the first instance to site admin, then to the Advisory Council (AC) who will attempt to reach a resolution to the complaint, you accept that their decision in any disputes is final
  4. UK Whitegoods operates a “3-strike" policy in moxst cases*; this means that if we have three unresolved complaints in any 12 month period you will be removed from the engineer search database. This is determined by the Advisory Council whose decision in such matters is final
  5. Calls are “weighted" for trade association members and then everyone else in that order, in effect the more a part of UK Whitegoods you are the more you are liable to get from it. In instances where there are multiple repairers in the same postcode the work will be distributed evenly on a turn-by-turn system
  6. engineer search is free of charge to any independent repairer on mainland UK blanket UK coverage is offered to national repairers and manufacturers with their own employed engineers, please contact site admin for details

In short we expect that the companies involved in the engineer search offer an excellent standard of service and it will be monitored and any complaints acted upon through various means to ensure a quality of service to the customer. That said, all the rules are “reasonable" and have been agreed on by companies spanning from single operators to employing twenty or more engineers to ensure fairness to both the repairer and the customer.

These rules offer guidelines in the use and application of the engineer search system and are by no means exhaustive due to the very nature of the service industry.

Whilst UK Whitegoods offers this service from the website we are in no way liable for any unforeseen eventualities between a customer and a repairer. The contract entered into is between the customer and repairer, UK Whitegoods only acts as a referral service for the repairer and we accept no liabilities beyond that.

*Please note that serious breaches as determined by the AC may lead to a company being removed from the service in less than three strikes

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