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  Code Of Practice

  Part 1

General behaviour expected from any member of UK Whitegoods

  1. To be courteous and professional at all times.
  2. To be presentable to the public and be clean and tidy both in appearance and in any work carried out.
  3. To be contactable by phone, fax and email.
  4. To communicate clearly and simply with the customer on all issues relating to the repair in hand.
  5. Carry a minimum of 2 million pounds public liability insurance.

  Part 2

Dealing with the general public, members should adhere to the following points

  1. Shall always endeavor to remain pleasant and polite to customers at all times.
  2. Should treat customers with courtesy and respect.
  3. Should remain as open and transparent as commercially possible with customers
  4. Will do as much as possible to accommodate the customer's wishes and preferences
  5. A landline contact number must be staffed during office hours or an answering service made available. An answering service should also be made available, out of office hours wherever possible.
  6. Messages left by customers must be answered within 1 working day

  Part 3: Call handling

  1. Contact the customer as soon as possible, when the call has been received via fax/email, generally within 1 working day.
  2. If your contact attempt, is met by the customers own answering machine. Then leave a message advising of your call.
  3. Offer a call (where geographically possible) within two working days (48 hours) or a timed (AM/PM or other by arrangement) per the customer's requirements or by mutual agreement.
  4. If for any reason the call cannot be made as scheduled the customer is updated at the earliest possible opportunity and an alternative given.
  5. If contact by phone or email is not possible, then a postal system should be used after 3 attempted contacts over two working days.

  Part 4: Service calls

  1. An appliance must be reasonably accessible to the engineer for repair, if it is not and there is any danger to the homeowner or the homeowner's property the customer is to be advised and a mutual decision taken on how to proceed
  2. All Members should adhere to current Health & Safety requirements as stipulated in law.
  3. A best attempt is made to rectify the customer's appliance should be made on the first visit negating the need for a further service call (in conjunction with 4.)
  4. Always leave the customer's appliance is a safe condition with no danger to the customer. If this requires the disconnection of the appliance then the engineer undertakes that responsibility of disconnection and documents this clearly as well as appraising the customer
  5. After repairs the appliance is checked for function (specification test) and that it is in a safe condition for the customer to use
  6. Wherever possible the appliance will be replaced back into situ as was or the customer fully appraised of the reason/s that this is not possible
  7. Any used parts and packaging will be left tidy for inspection and correct disposal by the customer, in line with current legislation

  Part 5: Spare parts

  1. All parts & labour on repairs will be guaranteed for a minimum of 6 months from date of purchase With the exception of one shot safety devices, plastic parts, or where the appliance has been subjected to misuse
  2. Any spares required to be ordered, shall be ordered within two working days of the visit
  3. Any information of delays with a spares order notified to the repairer will be relayed to the customer as soon as possible
  4. Customers will not be charged for spares that they did not authorize and specifically request.
  5. Customers will not be charged for missing or damaged spares

Revised edition 2nd September 2005 by UK Whitegoods Advisory Council

Sean Delaney
John McKenzie
Chris Chantrell
Alex Reed

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