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  Use UKW To Promote Yourself

You can get more for free that you might think but, you need to do some of it

Given the popularity of UK Whitegoods it is not at all uncommon to be asked by small repair companies how they can promote their business using the site and, there’s a number of ways that you can do that. Mostly completely free.

We do think it only fair to point out in advance however that much of this will involve work on your part, it’s often not just a case of you fill out some blank bits in a form and everyone else does the work for you. But then, you run your own business, you know it’s not easy already and you know, anything you do involves some effort on your part.

So let’s explain what you can get from UKW.

  How To Get Backlinks

You want to boost your website rankings, great.

Don’t ask us just to fire up links for you ‘cause, that ain’t gonna happen.

If you want to link back to your own site the easiest and best way to do that is to embed the URL in your forum signature and help people in the forums, specifically the public forums as Google et all won’t see the trade forums, that’s invisible to them.

Don’t be spammy, don’t write a novel in your signature, just the URL and a bit of text, there’s loads of good examples in the forums already by many traders. Look at what they do, copy that and you’ll never have a problem with it.

Start putting up spammy looking stuff, images or other nonsense and it’s likely to get zapped by the moderators or admin.

Ditto with the posts. Say something sensible and help people or don’t post anything at all.

Things that don’t fit well, don’t seem right and so on tend to look to us to be spam often from intenet marketers and, we will delete that on sight and ask questions later. Repeated breaches will get your account zapped. We get that all the time from all over the world and we will do our absolute utmost to keep the forums clean and spam free.

The only way is to do it right and help people.

  How To Get Work

Small repair companies can advertise their services being available in the Trade Work & Vacancies forum if they so wish to look for contract work. This is a free service.

You can also sign up to the engineer search which is also completely free to you and the public.

You should also read the forums regularly as contract work does come up fairly frequently and we do not usually notify everyone, you either see it in the forums or you might miss the opportunity.

With some we will or the client may, email stuff out but it’s a case of you might get it after that, no guarantees.

We do not maintain a database that will automatically send your details to potential clients, every contract is a fresh start.

  Repair Company Pages

A little used function of UKW but you can get a free page that details what you do, where, contact details and so on.

Get trade access and look in the UK Whitegoods Forum for more on this and how to do it.

  The Bottom Line

We don’t know what you want so, we don’t do everything for you. We can’t really, you need to decide what you want first then go about getting it in place.

We’ll help you for sure and if you ask in the trade forums you’ll get lots of help and advice on how to promote your business from seasoned repair business owners.

You can get work, you can promote yourself here but, you need to do a bit of work as well.

If you use it all together and use it properly, you can get great results and give your business a boost.

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