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  Buying Advice & Help

How to get the most out of the forums to help you choose what appliances to buy


Domestic appliance buying advice

If you want to get free help and get trade opinions on what appliance may be best suited to your needs in the forums then there’s a few things that you should know to ensure you get the best results possible.

The guys are really good, many of them extremely knowledgeable in the appliance field but, they do need some information from you in order to help you the best they can.

The most important things you need to supply are:

  • What the requirements are physically, are there restrictions on size?
  • Are there any restrictions on colour?
  • Do you have any “must have” features?
  • Where you are you installing the appliance
  • How many people will be using it or, what size the household is
  • A rough budget that you have available


  Why This Information Is Needed

These are very often key pieces of information that allow the guys to advise what is the best match for the requirements, some of these are very obvious whilst others are not and some can conflict with others.

For example, a home of seven people using a £200 washing machine is going to end in disaster. If you only have a budget of £200 for the machine then there is none that will fulfil that role and last any length of time at all.

You may not want that answer sure but, it would be the correct one.

All these snippets of information help us to give you good, solid and honest advice free from all the usual PR and sales rubbish that you will often see.

We don’t sell appliances here nor do manufacturers pay us to advise you so, we don’t care about trying to sell you something, the advice given is free and impartial based on what we know about the industry.

  Read The Buying Advice Articles!

Over the years we’ve written numerous guides and help articles to try to help people avoid the common traps and errors along with often saving you a lot of money on buying appliances.

We’ve explored the most common sales gimmicks and tricks for you, highlighted them and explained why a good number of them are completely and utterly useless to many people beyond perhaps being a bit of a gimmick.

We’d encourage you to read through these for each product that you are looking to purchase and avoid being caught paying for stuff that you probably don’t need and will never use.

  Repair Guys See Broken Stuff

Keep in mind that the repair guys see broken stuff, all day, every day.

Many of them are authorised service agents for products and, so that they can comment freely without fear of penalty from some brands their identities must sadly remain hidden publicly. However, every single members that is shown as being trade or a WTA member is a recognised person operating in the industry.

If they tell you not to buy something as there’s “issues” with it, they’re usually right.

But it's nice to find out that the fridge freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, oven or whatever you're looking at is, ehm, "problematic" before you part with your money. Or that, if it does break, it can't be repaired or will cost a fortune to have fixed.

  Plain English

Please, please post stuff in real English.

Break it up, use paragraphs and spacing, sentences and so on as one big long slab of text is extremely off-putting and difficult to read. Some of the people that may be able to help may well not even bother to trawl through it trying to work it out and put together what your’e trying to say.

A few minutes making it legible can elicit far more and better responses.

  Bumping Posts

If you’ve had no response after a day or two by all means post a simple, “can anyone offer any advice on this please?”.

The most common reason you won’t get a response is that someone that may be able to help just hasn’t seen your post.

Do keep in mind though that the people in the forum do this for free to help you and, they do have a day job that puts food on their table so, don’t always expect instant responses from what is a totally free service.

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