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  Will You Get It Fixed

You wouldn't buy a car you couldn't get parts for would you?

We will get this out the way first, we are a bit biased on this topic as we sell spare parts and you can read into that whatever you choose but what we will explain here is practical common sense advice that we are doing our level best not to let our bias and grudges seep into.

Lots of people buy appliances and, after a few years a thing breaks. That person then goes online or starts searching about for a replacement thing. Only to find that they can’t get it or, it’s a stupid price.

This is common in the appliance industry. Too common.

Given the relatively low cost of replacement the appliance gets binned and a replacement bought. Often for a part that may only have cost a few pounds, if you could get it.

The other common thing to have happen is a bit breaks and the person find that it is no longer available, obsolete. Same results.

Whilst you can’t always avoid either of these scenarios, you can do a bit to try to help finding yourself in either.

Then you can avoid the next one, buying the same junk again, by researching.

  Researching Your Purchase

We cannot understate the need to research buying new appliances of any kind, it is essential.

Look at it this way, nobody of sane mind is going to go out and buy a new car that you can only get serviced by an authorised dealer at whatever price they deem fit to charge. That you can’t get parts for after a few years. The quality is a bit shoddy. Parts are very expensive for. There is no external support for. Constructed units are used, you cannot repair a tub or a door as you need to buy an expensive unit.

All of those in every permutation happens in the appliance industry, often more than one of them and more.

In fact, there are not many that you won’t have at least one of them apply!

This industry is rife with rebranded products sold under own label brands that the support for is very often catastrophically bad for as, there’s no reason to be any other way that we explain below. Many people caught by these feel cheated and ripped off, we really don’t want our readers to be among those.

Not researching what you buy, who from and what the company is like could cause you heartache and grief later and/or cost you a fortune.

Upfront research might not save you completely but at least you go into it knowing the score or with a good idea of what you face.

We see and hear many people that do not do this. Most wish they had.

If car manufacturers and others did what many appliance brands get away with, they never be out of court or slammed in the media. The only reason brands get away with it on appliances is due to the low values involved and very few people appear to care, often including government and the people that buy them.

The ironic kick of it being, most people will hold onto their appliances (if they can!!) for longer than they would their cars.

  Spare Parts & The Law

We wrote an article some years ago on this topic that you can find in here and the repair help section that essentially detailed that there is no legislation on spare parts.

That’s because, there is none.

Now our common sense and very biased opinion thinks this is wrong, very wrong indeed.

It turns out manufacturers are under no obligation whatsoever to even supply spare parts at all. None, not a single piece of legislation on the subject.

So then we have a bunch of own label brands that just don’t bother to supply spare parts at all or, make them hard to get with limited distribution. Often with inflated pricing.

Yes we are biased on this and we think justifiably so as we have had to try to help people on the phone in tears or at their wits end on email trying to track down parts to save replacing a machine, even under two years old. It may be that us screaming about how wrong this is can be viewed as a biased view for sure but, we think it the morally correct stance that few people could argue was wrong.

You did read that correct. An appliance can be made effectively obsolete and unrepairable in under two years. It has and does happen.

  Everybody Looses

So if parts are hard to get, expensive or unavailable where does that leave the service technicians?

Out a job or at least unable to help the customer. Just as we won’t be able to in those circumstances as well.

We loose, the service techs loose and the customer looses.

Even where parts are had to get but, you can get them, how much time and effort t can a service company actually put into finding a part that they perhaps make a few pounds on at most?

All too often those brands they will know about (or they’ll look it up in the manufacturer section on here) and they will be a brand that “they don’t do” as they know it’s going to be a pain. They will have no spare part support, no technical, nothing so it’s not commercially viable to repair them.

That is why often people struggle to find people to repair certain brands or products. It’s often not that there isn’t someone capable of actually doing the job, it’s because they are prevented from being able to.

It is a very real possibility that you may not be able to repair the appliance yourself or, even get anyone to repair it for you if you buy the wrong thing.

After all this falls apart on a customer they will often state that they will never buy the same brand again. Which is fair comment but they may well buy the same make again, even almost the same product or an updated version of it sold under another brand unwittingly.

We try to explain this in an article about own label brands and also show you who is actually who in the manufacturer section but, this relies on people researching first, then buying and not researching once it all hits the fan.

If you want to avoid the buying the same thing again and really punish the producer for making your life a misery, do it right and find out who not to give your money to.

That way, they loose as well and not just everyone else bar them.

  Vote With Your Cash

We don’t want people getting ripped off or feeling that they have been, it’s not nice and it’s not a good advert for our industry. Aside which it’s deeply frustrating for us and sometimes painful having to tell people this stuff.

We see even big ticket items like American fridge freezers and range cookers costing many hundreds if not into the thousands of pounds that people are forced to scrap just because they can’t get a part.

On the service side we see it as well and we see products “written off” as being uneconomical to repair due to stupid part prices.

We don’t make the prices up, we just sell the bits. If we can get them of course.

But because we do sell parts and the guys across the UK and beyond need to source parts all the time, we can give you a steer on what is good and sensible on parts and what isn’t. Just ask in the forums or let us know if we’ve missed something in the various sections and we will try to help you buy smart.

Using the resources on this site like the manufacturer section and all the buying guides could very well help you save yourself from making an expensive mistake.

We obviously do our very best to help wherever we can but in some cases, many of them well documented, there is just no chance.

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