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Cost Cutting = Less Safety

An article by a concerned trade member

Several years ago I tried to start an awareness campaign to bring to light a serious and dangerous flaw in washing machine manufacture in Europe.

Cost cutting in manufacture brought about a very unsafe situation with the majority of domestic washing machines. Unfortunately the media both TV and Press were not interested, the reason being there had been no serious injuries. UK Whitegoods gives me the chance to bring to notice the dangerous situation that exists.

I will outline the problem. The majority of domestic washing machines that have been sold in the last 20 years have a door lock that basically locks when the machine is in operation.

These locks are electrically operated. If the power to the machine is switched off for any reason, power cut, children playing with the controls etc., the door of the washer can be opened after a short period of time allowing access to the water in the machine.

Most machines a capable for heating water to 95 degrees, which is just short of boiling, if you put your hands in that water you will be "scalded". Most people would not do such a thing BUT CHILDREN do not appreciate the danger.


To test if your washing machine has one of these locks, first put the machine onto a wash and start it off, half load button if you have it. Or select a programme that does not fill above the bottom of the door glass. When it starts to tumble switch the machine off and wait for up to five minutes. Then carefully try to open the door BUT do not force it as you may cause damage, if it opens you have the delay lock; if it does not open then your machine has a different type of lock (pneumatic), which in my opinion is the safest type.

On a final note I must point out that children should not be allowed to "play" with the controls of any domestic appliance in the house. When you are not using the appliance, SWITCH it off at the socket outlet or switch. Make it safe.

If you are as concerned as I am then write to the manufacturers and your MP

Submitted by site member maltheviking

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