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  Dishwasher Warranty

What is and is not covered on most dishwasher warranties and why

Amica freestanding dishwasherAlmost all manufacturer warranties and most extended warranties as well as insurance cover will normally afford you protection from electrical or mechanical breakdown on a dishwasher just as they will on other appliances.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this is all that is covered unless it is stated otherwise.

Here we will highlight the top issues that cause debates and even arguments over who is going to foot the bill however the points are not exhaustive and will vary from brand to brand although they will offer you a good idea of what to expect.

A lot of this is just simple common sense and most people that are reasonable understand that manufacturers and warranty companies simply cannot guarantee any product, never mind just dishwashers, against every possibility.

Remember that no warranty covers everything and that there can be many exclusions to any warranty, calling out someone to resolve an issue that is not covered by your guarantee will almost certainly mean you have to pay for that service!

Mains Voltage And Supply

A dishwasher manufacturer will not be responsible for the mains voltage in your home, that's up to you to make sure is correct.

If your dishwasher is faulty due to this then chances are that, unless the manufacturer is being extremely nice, that you will get a bill for finding that out for you.

Often we see problems not only with people's home wiring not being what we would say was good but also dishwasher on extension cords and so on that are a bit dodgy.

Water Supply & Drainage

Again, the tumble dryer manufacturer is not responsible and it is up to the homeowner to ensure that both the your water supply and drainage meets the installation requirements and are adequate for your dishwasher. If it doesn't and an engineer has to call to tell you this, even without being able to resolve the issue then you will almost certainly get a bill for that.

It is very common to have blocked drains on the water outlet side into the house waste or inadequate water supply and it may be in your interest to check these before you think on calling an engineer or you could end up with a bill.


If your dishwasher has not been installed correctly, for example the supplies connected properly, drainage not correct and so on then the warranty will not cover this. You will get a bill for any remedial work and, if there is damage to the dishwasher, you will have to pay to get it repaired, even when brand new.

It is the same story where you install your dishwasher into an unsuitable location.

For example, an area of high humidity that causes electronic to fail or rust to form, that will not be covered by the warranty.


Any dishwasher warranty we have come across will exclude blockages other than expensive service cover agreements. 

The reason is that the dishwasher would be blocked by something that the user put in it or because filters have not been cleaned, which is by far the most common reason for this. And, this also can often lead to other issues as well.

Do be careful with certain items and what detergent you use as, if grease builds up it can block hoses, water inlet chambers and so on and those are invariably not covered.

Bottom line is that the dishwasher did not cause the problem to occur.

Plate And Cutlery Damage

No manufacturer that we know of or extended warranty will cover damage to things that you put in you dishwasher and, if they do it is liable to be limited.

The biggest reason for this is that in all cases that we have ever come across with a few dramatic exceptions, damage to items in your dishwasher will be caused by improper use. It is extremely common for people not to read the care and use labels on the items being washed, if they can be washed in a dishwasher at all! 

This is normally wrapped in with the manufacturer or warranty company not accepting claims for consequential losses as a part of the basis on which the warranty is offered. This also precludes the notion of claiming for lost earnings through time off work and so on.

No Fault Found

No warranty covers no fault being found.

You will almost certainly be charged if you have an engineer call and they can find no fault.

Electrical And Mechanical

Most warranties will guarantee against electrical and mechanical failure but that really is all that they will normally cover. So if a component in your dishwasher fails through normal use or due to a manufacturing defect and so on then it will be repaired under the warranty but, anything else and all bets are off.

If it is something that you are doing wrong or, you've not installed the dishwasher correctly etc then your warranty will not cover it in all probability.

Of course manufacturers and warranty companies could cover everything and, some extended warranties do but they are very expensive. To add cover for almost everything a manufacturer would have to put the prices up, quite likely significantly, to cover the additional costs.

Most however, to keep initial purchase prices low, take these costs out even on more expensive products as, putting these costs in would only make them still more expensive.

Checking First Can Save You Cash

When you have any issue with any appliance our advice is to call the manufacturer and describe the problem that you are having in detail, then ask if there is anything that you can do or try to resolve the problem yourself. Most manufacturers are more than happy to assist in this way as, it could save them sending someone to your home to resolve a "non-fault" then having a difficult conversation with their customer afterwards over the bill if it is not a manufacturing defect or fault covered by the warranty.

No manufacturer wants to have those arguments with their customers.

At the same time, they also cannot afford to pay engineers to call needlessly because people cannot be bothered to check for simple, common sense errors before demanding an engineer calls.

Manufacturers and service engineers often find themselves placed in a difficult position in this respect as, they really do not want to have to have this conversation with the owner but, they are often forced to do so.

Good manufacturers will have the experienced staff available on their phones to answer any questions that you might have and will advice the best course of action but do remember to take their advice and to check the things that they ask you to. Doing so can save everyone a lot of time, potentially money and a load of hassle that nobody wants to have.

One of the largest causes for needless service calls is people getting used to new dishwashers that work differently from their old ones. New dishwashers are very energy efficient and many technologies have changed over the years meaning that your new dishwasher may operate very differently from an older model.

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