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  Cupboard Doors On Appliances

Stuff you need to know about integrated door on appliances

We will often come across issues with integrated applainces where there will be an issue not with the appliance itself as such but more with the door that is being fitted which can be too light or too heavy and either can lead to problems.

This is a problem that particularly affects diswashers more than any other integrated appliance as the door has to balance so to speak to work as the customer expects it to. If the door fitted is too light then the appliance door will not stay down and spring back too strongly.

Conversely, if the door is too heavy the door will fall down and, in many cases, hit your shins on the way down! Manufacturers general have specifications for all integrated appliance and normally they do state the minimum and maximum door weights allowed, sadly most kitchen planners and installers ignore this totally, much as they often ignore the rest of the installation instructions as well. In extreme cases this will cause the appliance door to not close properly as the door weight is too much for the door catch to cope with as well.

Short term it may well work with many appliances and all will seem well, but over time damage can and probably will be caused to the hinges etc. after a while.

This is a particular problem with the new "formed" doors being used in some kitchens, so beware it could be a problem for you.

  Wooden Doors On A Dishwasher

Lamona integrated dishwasherVery often the wooden front door on an integrated dishwasher will be held on using a plastic bracket and these, over time, often snap just due to the movement and strain that they are under. Or, through the weight over time stressing the brackets.

Thankfully most of these are easily replaced and fairly cheap. Most of the common brackets used are available in the online store for most popular integrated dishwashers and most others we can source for you as a spare part.

The springs can also be ordered, many of the common ones available in the store.

  Washing Machines And Washer Dryers

Of course washing machines and washer dryers have their own issues when it comes to what is referred to as "furniture doors" beign fitted, the most common one being that the door will "rattle" on spin.

This phenomena is normally a result of the flooring and, yes, we know that may sound a little odd but it's true.

What happens you see is that you will normally find that the machine has beein installed on a wooden or "floating floor" and that, when the machine spins, the vibration causes the outer door to gently rattle against the magnet that hold it closed.

It is a very simple fault but, sadly, there is no real way to cure it unless the machine can be made stable.

  Fridges, Freezers And Fridge Freezer

The two big problems that we encounter with these are that the get installed next to a heat source (primarily an oven) and we get the door seal not holding or warm air getting in causing an ice build up.

And, the other, is that the outer door is not properly aligned and "clips" the adjacent cupboard wall not allowing the door to properly close. Again, this will cause a build up of ice or for the food in the machine not to be kept at the correct temperature.

It is very important as you can see that integrated appliances are installed correctly or you will most likely have problems. Some issues you may see as soon as you use the machine but some could take months or even years in some cases to manifest themselves.

  Getting New Hinges

We supply almost every new door hinge for an integrated appliance with the most common ones being available in the online store.

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