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  Transit Packaging

Remove the transit packing correctly or you could wreck your new washing machine

Whenever you buy a new washing machine there are what is known as "transit bars" or "transit packaging" to stop the drum unit inside from moving about and banging off the insides of the outer cabinet. This packaging is essential to prevent damage to the washing machine whilst it is in transit (hence the name) and prevent damage to the washing machine.

Transit bolt fitted to an ISE W288eco washing machineIf these straps or bars are not correctly removed however they can also cause damage to the washing machine when it is used so it is absolutely vital that you are aware of them and that they are correctly removed before you use your new washing machine.

Although the different methods and placement of the transit straps can vary we will show you, in general terms, what you are looking for and how to remove the bolts before first use.

We have never seen a washing machine that did not have transit bolts fitted.

  Potential Damage

If you do not remove the transit bolts correctly you risk damage to your washing machine, in some cases this can be considerable, to the point where you can comprehensively wreck your shiny new washing machine.

The bolts can rip sections off the outer tank, tear through the outer casing and cause massive damaging vibrations to be sent through the room in which the washing machine is installed.

In other words, by not doing as instructed you risk major damage to your washing machine.

  Not Covered Under Warranty

In every washing machine instruction book is details of where these bolts are fitted and how that they should be removed. Make sure that you read these instructions and that you have removed the bolts per the instructions given.

Removal of these bolts is not covered under the manufacturer warranty or, at least, we have never come across a manufacturer that would cover the cost to remove these bolts for you if you are not paying them to install the washing machine for you.

Failure to remove the transit bolts correctly, apart from the potential for damage, will mean that any fault or damage caused by failure to do this will almost inevitably not be covered under the manufacturer's warranty as it is not a failure of the machine, but a failure of the user or installer to install the machine correctly.

  Washing Machine Transit Bolts

Normally when you get your new washing machine there will be two (rare), three or four transit bolts fitted through the rear panel of the washing machine that fix to the outer tank of the washing machine.

These bolts "lock" the drum unit in place stopping it from moving.

This is a typical example shown below on a Samsung washing machine with three transit bolts fitted, one to the top and two to either side lower down.

Transit bolts fitted to a Samsung washing machine

These bolts must be removed before the washing machine is used.

Ordinarily, unless there are any special instructions, the bolts will simply unscrew as normal and you can simply pull them out.

After that you will normally find dust covers in the machine with the instructions etc to cover the holes left by the removal of the bolts although, these are not strictly required to be fitted it is best practice to do so.

Some, such as those above on the ISE, simply have covers that snap into place already there.

On older washing machines we used to sometimes see additional (usually plastic) sleeves inside the washing machine that had to be removed also but these have become rare and we've not seen any for some time. Which is a good thing as loads of people didn't remove them which led to noise issues.

This is the reason that you need to refer to the instructions for the particular washing machine that you are installing as there can be minor differences in how this is done.

Once the bolts are removed the drum should be able to freely move, you can check this easily by simply opening the door of the washing machine and gently trying to move the drum. If it sways and moves about then it is fine, if it is locked solid in place then there is some transit packing still in place preventing it from moving.

  Keep The Transit Bolts

After you have removed the transit bolts hang onto them.

If you ever need to move the machine, for example you move home and take the washing machine with you, then you should refit the transit bolts before you move to prevent any damage to the washing machine whilst it is transported.

Not having them in place means that you need to be very careful when moving the washing machine so that no components get damaged or the cabinet doesn't get dented while it is being transported.

Bosch bolts
Hi. just bought a Bosch washing machine and they had ginormous bolts with the plastic pieces also which you said are now redundant.
anyway to answer with these bolts I needed a tonne of strength you are extremely extremely hard to remove. Why on earth are they so tough? I was sure I was doing the wrong thing I thought I was taking the machine apart!!

spring found in washing machine
I heard a noise from inside washer dryer, upon removing back I found what looks like a compression spring with 2 nylon ends, looks like a foot but don\'t think it is. I have a bosch excel wvd24520gb.
any ideas what it could be and where it goes?
many thanks

Jacqueline Daniels
Washing machine
I\'ve got a while knight washing machine and at the back is long bit of plastic with a screw at the top
Sayuri Tanaka
What can i do?
I did not remove the transit bolts and have used my machine 4 or 5 times. I did not now they must have been removed before using. I just removed them. The machine is working well but wonder what is going to happen in the future.

Susan Kincheloe Russel
Bolts not removed fromwasher
The man who installed our washer forgot to take the bolts out before we used the washer. It was used 5 times - now they are out. Will this cause future damage to our washer? Should we have the washer replaced???

Follow up on your issue
Hi Sayuri, as it's been almost a year after you posted your comment, I'd like to know what has happened with your machine in this time? Have you had any issues with the machine? If so, do you know if it was related to the fact that you didn't remove the transit bolts initially?

Thank you!

Susan Kincheloe Russel
Sayuri Tanaka said :
I did not remove the transit bolts and have used my machine 4 or 5 times. I did not now they must have been removed before using. I just removed them. The machine is working well but wonder what is going to happen in the future.

Asko front loader
We have an ASKO front loader.
The delivery guys took the stabilizing bolts away with them.
It was 6 months ago and now they say nothing can be done.
New ASKO bolts are $90 each - we need 3.
Please could you tell me if there is a universal bolt kit or another brand that would do the same job cheaper?

Hi Sally,

Sadly not, transit bolts are range specific at best but can even be model specific as it can depend on drum size etc whether they are suitable or not.

Sarah barnes
locking bolts required
Our Panasonic washing machine is 3 years old and the instructions said we didn\'t need to keep the locking bolts, were pretty sure we kept them, but are unable to find them.
We are moving house shortly and need to secure the drum for transit.
How can we acquire some bolts? Ive gone through the company and the don\'t stock them. Any ideas ?

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