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  Induction Hob Installation

Install your induction hob correctly or you may well fry the electronics in it!

Induction hob with under oven and probably not sufficient ventilationBuilt in induction hobs are a thing we see installed improperly a fair bit, it’s more common that it should be, it causes them to break and if a little care was taken reading the installation instructions it wouldn’t happen.

All induction hobs need vented as they get warm internally.

If they get too warm stuff breaks, the module will pop or the plates will. This can happen quite quickly or it could take months or even years to happen depending on the ventilation allowed and the use.

Far warning, many kitchen fitters do not understand this and think (or seem to) that they can just whack in an indication hob just the same way that they do a bog standard electric or ceramic hob. They cannot, ventilation must be allowed.

  Built Under Oven Ventilation

The most common configuration when we see this problem is where there is a single or double under counter built in oven mounted below the hob.

The person fitting leaves too small an air gap, the heat from the oven rises, the heat build in the hob and pop, hob busted.

It’s not uncommon at all for the back of the kitchen unit to be sealed so, there’s no air circulation at the back when cutting a couple of holes to allow the air to flow would have saved a hob costing a few hundred pounds.

This is to us, because we live and breath this stuff, just daft.

Cutting vents at the back of an oven carcass is just common sense, even if you don’t have an indication hob as it allows air to circulate better around the oven, helps it stay cooler (door and control panel also often) and run more efficiently without the danger of it overheating and cutting out.

Again, this is usually in the installation instructions and all too often ignored.

But if all that warm or hot air builds up under an induction hob, you will take out the hob, for sure.

Even a ceramic with electronic controls, touch controls usually, can be popped by this.

  Fans & Ventilation

Induction hob ventilation gap shown on installation instructionsMost induction hobs will have a fan on them to cool the electronics and plates off as they do generate some heat. You don’t feel that really through the hop top but it is there.

The fan runs and expels that warm air and should also draw in cool air to keep it all running perfectly. This is often the whirring noise people notice when they use an induction hob.

Block the inlet or outlet with the worktop of having something too close to the underside of the hob and, expect it to fail as it almost surely will.

  Not A Defect

Here’s the fun part on customer service lines, this is not a manufacturing defect at all.

This is pure and simple installation error and as such is not covered under warranty. The cost to repair or replace is down to the owner or their fitter, it is not the manufacturer’s problem as they didn’t install it and the instructions to do so have not been adhered to.

So if this gets messed up, you have the fund task of putting it right and the cost to do that.

Which is why it’s fun on the phones as people tend not to react well to such news.

If you are looking to buy a new built in induction hob, get the installation requirements before you buy air and make sure that you can accommodate that to the letter or with more ventilation than called of as, if you don’t, expect a hefty bill at some point.

Replacing an electric hob for an induction hob.
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Sarah Tovey
Hob installation
Hi I have portable single induction hob which paid £100 can I have this fitted into my worktop please or does it need to be a larger hob
Cable advice
Just bought an AEG induction hob it came with no cable but states in the so called manual to us H05BB-F heat resisting 70 degrees C or highier, I can't find a supplier for this. It has been suggested that 2.5 mm twin with earth heat resisting immersion heater cable will suffice is this good advice this unit is rated at 7.4 Kw

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Hi. Can an induction hob be fitted over a cutlery drawer? Or could there be an issue with the cutlery becoming hot?
Max Soe
Remove old electric cooktop and install induction hob
Hi, I\'d like my old electric hob removed and an induction cooktop installed in its place. I will be providing the new cooktop. How much would removal and installation cost me?
Hi Max,

You would need to get quotes from local companies for that, we do not do that here.

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