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  Fridge Freezer Space Claims

The manufacturer's play "mine's bigger than yours" (again!)

The internal layout of a fridge freezer can be a make or break for living with it over time for people but we would stress that you have a good look at the quality of the plastics used as well as the space available.

This is like a car boot.

Most people accept that when they buy a car and get the obligatory boot capacity in litres that how that will really work out is dependant on how practical the shape of the boot is in reality. The actual capacity figure for most people is largely irrelevant in many ways.

Bigger fridge space leads to more wasteThat is unless you simply want to get into a whole "mine's bigger than yours" type argument.

The same applies to fridges, freezers and fridge freezers in many respects with some companies now boasting the largest capacity in a particular class.

In days of old it used to be that the cubic foot measurement was used as a guide and, a very rough one at that, as to the approximate size of the fridge or freezer. On a practical level that was about all it was of any use for.

How the interior of a fridge laid out in particular is much more important as that determines the practicality of it.

You should pay close attention to the heights of shelves in the fridge so that you can get bottles and jars to stand upright if need be given that, if they leak some fridges can be a nightmare to clean if they have small nooks and crannies that liquids can get into.

But all may not be what it appears with some claims on internal space.

Which? As well as others have questioned some of the claims being made. Unsurprisingly from Korean and other Asian manufacturers but primarily it appears over claims of cubic capacity being made by Samsung and LG which may not be quite correct.

As yet, the TARDIS doesn't exist.

  Door Shelves

On the door itself check out the heights as we see a number of fridge doors that cannot cope with the large heavy milk cartons that we use in the UK. In many other countries they do not store as much fresh milk and juice in the way that we do so the shelves can be set up in a way that doesn't suit us Brits.

This also goes to the quality of the shelves and, in particular, plastic ones. Many will not cope with the weight that we place on them and will break, especially when heavy bottles or cartons are dropped into them.

We find that American fridge freezers (real ones, not the pretenders) have shelves that can normally cope with this simply because the Americans, like us, use large cartons.

  Cleaning Your Fridge

Smooth surfaces and glass or easily washed and, easily removable shelves are the order of the day here and they make living with your fridge much easier.

When buying you should consider this as it is an appliance that you will no doubt have to clean a fair bit over the years that own it.

Glass shelves we find last longer and are easier to clean but are seldom found on cheap fridges or fridge freezers. However on some, they use cheap plastic trims that fall apart over time.

  Freezer Space

Huge internal fridge space advertised by LG

Freezer space is, for many people, a total waste of time.

In recent years with the advent on a supermarket on every street corner it seems at times, the real need to store a lot of frozen food has dwindled. What we see in people's freezers is ice cream, some vegetables and the odd packet of burgers or fish fingers or the likes.

The real issue is though, much of the time it stays there unused for many months and often ends up being discarded as waste.

If you don't have a huge freezer, you can't store loads of stuff you're not going to use or, aren't likely to use.

From a quick poll of friends and staff, they've all found things in their freezer they forgot about and had to toss out. Every single person, no exceptions.

Given that we encourage people to consider how much freezer space that they actually need and that you get one that allows not only easy access and cleaning but also ease of seeing what you have in your freezer.

We would encourage people to have a larger fridge over a large freezer unless there is a real requirement for the freezer space.

They are a pain to clean anyway.

  Avoiding Waste: Save Money

Here's the thing about huge internal space that we really wish people would think about before they go out and buy the biggest fridge freezer that they can, if you have space you tend to fill it.

Internal fridg space marketing shot... not a lot in thereNow, that's fine if you are using the food that you keep and not simply throwing it out as it sails past the sell-by date but, it can waste huge amounts of food and, more importantly, your money. 

All the stuff you throw away is a waste of cash.

We find that large capacity fridges and freezers just encourage this as people fill them up and forget about things that they've put in their fridge. Of course it doesn't matter for non-perishable items like beer (staff favourite), soft drinks and the likes but for perishable foods, not so great.

It's nobody's fault, it's just human nature.

And, if there is loads of goodies in your fridge it can be very bad for your waistline because, unless we've all gotten bigger as well in recent years and need to eat loads more food, why do we all of a sudden need much bigger fridges and freezers?

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