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Changing Integrated Door Types

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We will often be asked if you can change integrated doors from one top to another, commonly with sliding or fixed refrigeration products

The short take away answer is, you cannot change, modify or adapt from one type to another.

Designed That Way

Most integrated fridges and freezers, as well as fridge freezers, have been designed to fit into a housing in a particular way, the actual cabinet shaped to allow that and accommodate the hinge type that is to be used.

That means that at its very core, the design is such that it is completely intended to have a particular hinge arrangement and type on it.

From that follows that the door must either be fixed or have sliders fitted, this being determined by the hinge system employed and the clearances that are set by the cabinet design.

In short, this means that it is impossible to alter any unit from being one type to being another.

Bought the Wrong Type?

Sadly it's all too frequently that we get asked about this after someone has purchased a brand new appliance only to them learn that they need a different type to the one they just bought.

There is no other solution than to exchange the machine if possible or, to buy another.

Sorry but, that's all the options that you have unless you want to alter your kitchen and the units to suit the new appliance which will probably prove massively more expensive.

The Importance Of Research!

The key point here is to research in advance what you need and buy accordingly as, if you don't, you face a huge amount of hassle and grief if not a big expense to put it right.

If you buy stuff second hand and hope to convert it then we're afraid you're out of luck, it's not possible.

But You Can Do It

Yeah, we've heard this from a few people but honestly, to do it there are a few things you need to bear in mind:

  1. You're altering the cabinet design to be used in a manner it was not intended for.
  2. That invalidates any warranty and extended warranty you have.
  3. It's a bodge job.
  4. It probably won't work as well as it should.
  5. It'll probably fail sooner than it should as you've adversely affected the durability.

In other words, yes if you want to bodge up some sort of cobbled solution you might, just might not for sure, be able to bodge something up but it really isn't a very good idea at all. Aside which you'll need to be a kitchen fitting and appliance guy all wrapped into one and be good with tools and measuring down to the millimetre or, it'll all go horribly wrong.

Our advice is, just don't do it!

Buy the correct one first time around and save yourself a pile or grief, hassle and cash.

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