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  Dryer Installation Requirements

Installing your tumble dryer correctly and in the right place is essential for safety


Consider where you will install a new tumble dryerMost people think that you can install a tumble dryer just about anywhere, much as is thought about most appliances but sadly this isn't the case and you have to consider where that you will install the machine before you buy one.

When you decide where you will install the machine you can then decide what type of tumble dryer you actually require or, what type of dryer you can accommodate with the installation requirements.

Many modern electronic dryers may well even display a fault code if the ambient or, room temperature is too low and just not operate at all.

This means that areas that can be subject to extremes of temperature such as garages, conservatories and so on are very often unsuitable to install a tumble dryer in and, some manufacturers will not offer a warranty if you put them in such places.

  Dryers In Low Temperature Environments

Almost every winter, especially a cold one, we get a rash of service calls telling us that a condenser (or heat pump) tumble dryer will not dry. Often this is accompanied by  some sort of water leak or condensation problem.

The dryer is ordinarily then found to be in a low temperature environment and the result is unsurprising to us.

What happens is, instead of the water condensing in the condenser of the dryer it starts to condense on other cold surfaces, like the inner cabinet or even the drum of the tumble dryer itself. Meanwhile all that happens to the laundry in the dryer is that it gets mildly warm.

For a condenser dyer to operate correctly the room temperature must be above at least a 5˚C minimum or, it won't work.

Given many unheated garages and other outbuildings can get much lower that this during a typical UK winter it means that a good number of dryers installed in such areas will not work or will go faulty over the winter months due to this alone.

The irony of it being, that's the time of year that you most want to use a tumble dryer!

Many modern electronic dryers may well even display a fault code if the ambient or, room temperature is too low and just not operate at all.

Vented tumble dryers will often work below this temperature but it isn't recommended.

  Tumble Dryers Need Air To Breath

A tumble dryer needs a ready supply of cool (not too cool and not too warm) air to "breath".

It has to take air in that is cooler than the air in the dryer and it also has to be able to expel that air once it's heated and, even on a condenser or heat pump condenser tumble dryer, that air which is expelled will have some moisture in it, just as a vented dryer expels the air with moisture in it out the vent.

That means a few things for you to consider when you set out to buy a new tumble dryer.

The first is that putting a condenser or heat pump dryer in a confined space with little or a restricted supply of fresh air is a non-starter. You cannot put it in a cupboard and close the door for example. As an absolute minimum you should really have the dryer in a room that has at least 3m² with a fresh supply of air, even an open door to an adjacent room or an open window will do.

If you don't do this then all that happens is that the dryer ends up recirculating the air and, in the process, heating it up. With condenser based dryers this just kills the efficiency of the machine meaning you can end up using way more electricity than you probably realise.

  Air Too Warm To Allow Correct Operation

Although not a problem seen that often, at least here in the UK, you can get almost the same thing happening where the air the dryer gets is too warm.

The air passing over the condenser is too warm and the dryer is unable to get a cold enough surface to condense the moisture in the warm air.

This is effectively what happens when they are shut in an unventilated room, especially a small one.

Again vented dryer cope better with these extremes but are not immune to issues caused by them.

As with the winter, during the summer months garages and other outbuildings can get really warm, far too warm to allow your dryer to work correctly, if at all.

  Consider Your Needs

The best thing you can possibly do, before choosing a new dryer, is to consider not just the fancy features and looks of the machine but very much where you will install the dryer as that will often determine which one is best or, in a lot of cases, even possible.

Elaine Cardy
Vented dryer in cupboard
Hi is it safe to put a vented dryer in a full height cupboard if i leave the door open when it is working. I only use the dryer during the day and would not leave it on and go out. I was going to use a condensing box with this as it is not against an outside well. My kitchen is really small so I don't have room for a dryer.
Tumble dryer width
I'm looking to buy a condenser tumble dryer and the minimum width I found for one is 59.5cm. The space I have available is 60cm. This would leave only 2.5mm each side.
Could someone explain whether this is enough please? Or whether other people who installed similarly had or didn't have any issues? I've been reading you need 15mm minimum each side but then whenever they show photos with installed tumble dryers they seem to be fitted with very little space to the sides.

Compressor fan
My condenser dryer (Beko DPU8350W) develops a burnt plastic smell after being on for a while.
I assumed this was the cool air inlet fan (think it's called a compressor fan), which is at the front, bottom right, as it doesn't appear to spin. Should this fan be on all of the time or is it only when everything heats up?
I have bought a replacement fan but the new one acts the same, ie doesn't work so I will return it.
Any ideas? Thanks

Can I install a dryer on a wooden floor or would there be a danger that the weight
Would be too much and the floor could collapse onto the floor below because of the
Continual movement.6hl

Kathleen player
Tumble dryervr5
Kathleen said :
Can I install a dryer on a wooden floor or would there be a danger that the weight
Would be too much and the floor could collapse onto the floor below because of the
Continual movement.6hl

Is it ok to install a dryer I. My box room where the floor is wooden. My husband
Thinks themivementmay be detrimental to the floor and maybe cause a problem
With damaging the floor or to the extreme the floor could collapse onto the
Diwnstaurs room. Help please.

Tumble Dryer location
We have just fitted an oven in our kitchen and have a fixed hob on the worktop. The only problem is that the only place to put the condenser tumble dryer is going to be under the fixed hob where the free standing cooker used to be.
Is it an issue putting the tumble dryer under the fixed hob? My thoughts are that it should be ok as you can typically put an under worktop oven under the hob.
Any advice much appreciated.

Heat pump dryer with asthma
Hi, it turns out I have bad asthma, we had a very wet winter last year, drying clothes was a nightmare. Thinking of investing in a good dryer, but it turns out, you can’t really put them in the shed. Our kitchen is inbuilt, not a lot of space to put the dryer, theoretically could put it under the stairs. Is that a good place and does it make it air moist, that would defeat the purpose. Thinking of this one...
AEG SensiDry T7DEE835R Heat Pump Tumble Dryer
Greatly appreciate your answer. Kind regards, Katrin

Condenser dryer positioning
My new condenser dryer says it must be pushed back against a wall. I would normally pull in out from under unit to allow a good air flow. It does havethe recommended space top and sides so should I Leave it pushed right in or is pulling it out ok. Pushed up to wall would back it onto plug socket and I\'m concerned about this getting hot from the dryer.
wendy goodall
Want a dryer
Hello we\'ve been wanting a dryer for a while now but no room in kitchen,or any where else the only space we have is a old coal /outhouse which is attached to our house.We have central heating boiler in there on wall.the floor space from door to back wall is about at a guess 5 foot wide by 4 foot deep would a vented dryer be ok in there,?we would have door open to let the hose out!

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