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  Smelly Waste Disposal Unit

Waste disposal units can be smelly things, here's how to prevent the odours


As most people who have a decent food or garbage disposal unit will tell you they're great things. They get rid of all those smelly food scraps, peelings, tea bags and all manners of organic waste reducing what you through out but also keeping smelly scraps of food that insects love to feed and grow on away in large part. 

The only trouble is that, unless you look after them they can smell and we're not talking about a little pong here, we're talking about a full on putrid smell from the things if they're not cared for and cleaned. When we visit people's homes on service work we can often tell they have a food waste disposal unit in the kitchen because you can smell it!

If you want to know how to beat the stink and keep your waste disposer free of malodours and bacteria build up we're going to show you the way to do it.

Do make sure that the unit is completely off before you do this, someone's hand or fingers getting chewed up by the garbage disposal is not going to be pretty or end well so please be safe and pull the plug!

  Flies From A Waste Disposal

You might get the odd little flies coming out a waste disposal and wonder what why.

The reason is drain flies.

These flies will grow where there is gunge in a drain, hence the name, and lay larvae in the gunk that collects iin your waste disposal or drains. So, keeping the waste disposal unit clean is essential unless of course you like flies shooting out your waste disposal or sink. And, they are really, really hard to get rid of once they take root.

  Where To Clean A Waste Disposal Unit

The first thing to know, as it seems a number of waste disposal owners don't, is that there's a rubber feed guard that comes out just to allow you to clean the unit.

In the example we used a waste disposer from In-Sink Erator which is probably one of the best and most common domestic waste disposal units and what you should see at first should be something like this:

Waste disposal unit that stinks

The feed grommet that we're talking about which cause most of the bad smells is this one:

Getting into the garbage disposal to clean it

You can see two fingers being inserted into where the food would usually be shoved into in order to dispose of it, well, that bit comes out for cleaning. Putting your fingers in like this you should be able to gently pull up the rubber feed guard like this:

Pulling up the rubber feed guard

And as it comes up you can see just how much food waste is in there, we left this one for a couple of weeks to be able to show you this. Trust me, this stinks to high heaven and is deliriously unpleasant to look at as well. So we'll show you it close up to make the point:

The dirt behind the feed guard on a waste disposal and yes it stinks!

Yes, it is truly disgusting!

There's no nice way to put it, it is rank rotten.

Now we set about cleaning it and the best thing we've found to do this is a good old washing up brush, hot water and a bit of washing up liquid. It's simple, it's old fashioned but it works well as washing up liquid is built to breakdown the grease and food particles.

Starting to clean the rubber feed guard on the waste disposer

Scrubbing the feed guard with a washing up brush

Just get in there and scrub away. Make sure you get into all the little nooks and crannies to get all the old food waste removed or the smell will come back pretty quickly.

Next up we have to deal with this little issue:

The dirt in the feed tube and this smells really bad as well

See all the same sort of lovely food waste all around the lip of the feed for the waste disposal? Well, you have to clean that as well so it's back to the hot water, washing up liquid and trusty washing up brush:

Cleaning the food waste disposal unit

Scrub away all the leftovers and make sure that it's all nice, clean and shiny the way it should be.

Now you need to put back the rubber fed guard and to do that all you do is sit it in place and gently push down until you feel it popping into place, like this:

Putting the rubber feed guard back into place after cleaning the disposal

Now that you've cleaned all the bits that you can get to, you need to clean the bits that you can't get to. 

There's two ways to do this and we recommend using both and this is how we do it.

The first thing is that you should, in our opinion, once a month fill the sink that has the waste disposal in it with a bit of bleach and hot water then allow it to drain while still hot. This cleans and bleaches the whole lot in one hit. But you must do this fairly regularly or, yep you guessed it, your waste disposal will start to stink again. 

What we also do is once every week or two, it really depends on how much you use the disposal, hit it with some Affresh waste disposal and dishwasher cleaner, here's how to do that as it's really very simple, quick and easy:

Dropping in an Affresh tablet to clean and freshen the garbage disposal

Run water until it's hot and drop in a tablet. 

Pulse the waste disposal for a few seconds and then go have a cuppa or something for half an hour. 

Come back, run the water in the other sink until it's hot again then flick it into the one with the disposal if you can and have two sinks, if not just run the water till it's hot. Then turn on the disposal till it clears the tablet.

You now have a nice clean and citrus fresh waste disposal and not a smelly one in a bad way!

  Affresh Dishwasher & Waste Disposal Cleaner

Affresh dishwasher and waste disposal cleanerThis stuff is brilliant, especially if you have a waste disposal and a dishwasher.

It's been formulated to break down food waste and grease so it clears out the parts that you ordinarily can't get to in a dishwasher or a waste disposal. In our opinion it does a pretty good job of it as well, better than any other product we've tried. It's also ludicrously simple to use as well, no mucking about with it or silly bottles, just chuck one tablet in the disposal, two in the dishwasher and use a hot program on the dishwasher or do as above on a garbage disposal and you're done. Easy, simple and not really much you can do wrong.

It's great stuff for a dishwasher alone but, of course the really good news is that, if you happen to have both a dishwasher and a waste disposal it's utterly brilliant as it's one cleaner for both machines which, apart from being much more convenient for those of us that really don't want any hassle, it saves money as well.

That's why we sell it and recommend it. You can buy Affresh dishwasher and waste disposal cleaner from this link.

We have a waste disposal unit that requires a clean can you kindly advise on price, along with time and date of clean as we require this asap. please call on ******.

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