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  Washing Machine Use Guide

Checklist of do's and don't with your washing machine


Getting the best from your washing machine

This is a quick explanation of use with links to more in-depth explanations if you need them. 

You will find us advising you to avoid some of the features that washing machines are often sold with to "save time" or "make your life easier" etc as, they are all too often not all they're cracked up to be. Many are actually complete nonsense.

Following these golden rules you'll save money, your washing machine will probably last longer, your laundry will last longer and your clothes will be cleaner. Plus, you can avoid most of the common problems that people have when using a washing machine.

Best of all, it's all free, common sense and easy.

  Do Not Overload The Machine

This can damage your machine and your laundry badly and quickly.

Don’t do it.

It causes damage to your washing machine, the laundry and means things don't get washed properly.

Follow our guidance on loading here.

  You Need To Separate White/Lights From Darks/Coloured

You need to do this as both need different detergents to keep your clothes and your washing machine healthy and for them to last as long as possible.

It stops colurs bleeding dye from one item to another and means they stay brighter, better for longer when washed correctly.

There's a lot more information about detergents and their use here.

  You Need Two Detergents

You need to use a colour detergent for dark and coloured washes.

You need a detergent with bleach in it for whites and lights, this cannot be a liquid.

If you wash woolens, silks or any other natural delicate fibres then you need a third detergent specifically for them. Using normal powders or liquids can damage them irreversably and in one wash.

  Avoid Fast Wash Programs

They do not wash properly or fully, they are intended for things that are "worn once, not next to skin". In other words, not much at all.

A lot more information on fast washes can be found here but our advice is, avoid them wherever possible.

  Do Not Continually Use Low Temperature Washes

Many items need to be washed at higher temperatures, especially towelling, bedding and the like to kill bacteria both in the laundry and in your washing machine.

Using low temperature and more so with liquid detergents is just asking for problems with a smelly washing machine, mildew in your washing machine and other issues.

    Don’t Use Fast Spin For Light/Delicate Items

Turn the speed down as it’s often not required and the wrong cycle can damage items but using the fastest spin you can is a more common cause of holes in clothes and other damage.

You might things feel more dry when spun st ridiculously high spin speeds but, the reality is that this is probably a minor gain.

  You Don’t Need To Use Softener

Many people think you have to use softener, you don’t. It’s not required and all it does is cost you more money, make stuff smell a bit nicer, maybe.

On towels especially it’s a bad thing and should be avoided.

  Leave The Door Ajar After Use

This allows air into the machine, helps it to dry out and cuts down on the formation of bacteria in the machine.

  Clean Your Machine Regularly

Clean outside and the soap drawer as well as around the door seal on a regular basis.

Your machine will last longer and probably perform better.

Clean the inside using regular maintenance washes or using the like of Affresh to get that clean.

If you follow the guidance on detergent and wash temperature above then the need for this swill be reduced.

Jill Emmerson
I have new Euromaid WM7PRO and it says to clean the filter once a month BUT I can't get the filter cap off and I live by myself. How can I open it????

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