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All too often we see people having issues and stating that their washing machine isn't cleaning properly, not washing right, not removing dirt and so on but, is it the washing machine that's the problem?

For some people, we hate to break it to them but, your washing machine is a dumb machine that saves you from a laborious chore. That's all it is.

It is not, as some marketing might have you believe, a magical instrument that will somehow solve all your laundry woes, it's just a bit where it all comes together and does the hard manual labour for you.

Think about these important points, before you even put an item in your machine and press START

Pile of laundry

  What are you washing?

You (NOT your washing machine) has to decide what clothing your washing.

You need to sort out whites form dark and colours, delicates and so on as no washing machine on the planet, regardless of how good and supposedly smart it might be claimed to be can do this. Only you can do this.

If you don't, it's all going to go horribly wrong.

From there you can move on to…

laundry detergents

  What detergent to use?

You need to select the correct detergent for each load.

Yes, you need more than one and no, you cannot use one for everything!!

wash program

  What program to use?

Then, for a load of laundry you want to wash, depending on the two above points, you need to select the correct program on our washing machine.

If you think you can just fire in whatever laundry, with whatever detergent and use whatever program you like and your washing machine will figure it all out for you, sorry but, you're very wrong. It won't.


By far and away, an order of magnitude more than a problem with a washing machine causing a poor wash result, one of the above or often more than one will have been carried out or judged incorrectly.

You are the judge of what you put in, what detergent you put in it and what program you select.

Your washing machine, it only does what you told it to do with whatever you put in it.

If you get any of those vital things wrong, bad things will happen!

Perhaps you can now better understand why it is that when we see a "washing machine not washing correctly" type complaint we just sigh and wonder what bit it is that someone got wrong as, the chances of a washing machine not doing it right, very, very low.

You see if there's a fault with the machine in any way it'll usually stop, make horrific noises or something far more dramatic than just deciding to not remove a few stains.

  Save Money

Doing all this basic, basic stuff right can save you a ton of cash on detergent use, electricity and from ruined clothing.

In other words, it's really valuable knowledge that can save you a lot of money and possibly embarrassment as well. We really can't stress enough how much knowing this stuff can save you, way more than using some silly Eco program ever would.

  More Help & Info

Browse the site, the stains and cleaning sections where you will find a wealth of information and help to ensure that you get your clothes clean and, undamaged.

You can find a lot more on what detergents to use, what programs and much more.

If you don't learn about this stuff though and you end up throwing out or damaging items of clothing, well, we really can't help you with that can we.

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