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Vassilis Bourdakis
[936B289AEF65] - Your message
Hi Kenneth,

my ignition unit looks like the one you propose (I'd rather have the 9quid though if possible...)

Now, I've only managed to bugger the thermocouple on the big plate front left (#31175) by squashing it with mole grips in trying to undo the 8mm nut. Managed to restore its conical shape and it's still working.

My idea (but I was assuming all are identical) was to buy 2 so that I have one spare. Along the same lines and with Brexit and import taxes imminent, I thought I'd get a couple of ignition plugs just in case. I do know that the ignition plugs on the two rear plates (that don't work now with the obviously damaged ignition unit) work as when I swap the cables on the ignition unit to the position of the two front plates, they do spark.
IF 30569 and 30570 are identical I'd like one
IF 27901 and 27902 are identical I'd like one too

if not I'll just get an ignition unit and a 31175


PS. cannot email (reason: 550 5.7.1 Spam rejected (HD#4071))

Fridge Door Hinges
I am looking for a hinge that would suit a hidden tiled door. I was thinking that an integrated fridge door hinge might work. Do you think this may work and if so can you recommend a hinge.


ronald Gearing l
Hisense wfea6010
My bearings on my washing machine are noisy but I have been told that they cant be changed http://
Rosemarie Ahmed
Product recall
Hi can you please tell me if my tumble dryer has a recall on it model 77A8. 031276A 15300/21
Kind regards Rosemarie Ahmed.

Chris Jones
LG washer model F144KG
This 11Kg machine spins fine with a modest or large load, but fails to balance with a small or no load. As the drum stars to gain speed it simply runs out of balance and stops. I changed the dampers a few years ago, which solved the problem then - changing the dampers again now has had no effect.
Is it likely the Drum, Spider and/or Shaft are damaged?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Patsy Surrall
Bosch Door Hinges
Good Day

I have a Bosch stand alone oven model Number HSK66I80EY/01, FD8306. I am looking for replacement hinges and a seal for the oven door. This model is more that 15 years old. I am hoping you can help.

Kind Regards Patsy Surrall

All those parts are obsolete I'm afraid, sorry. :(
David Wardle
Creda Shower
Hi can you tell me if you still make electric showers and if so where could I purchase 1 from
Matthew Alexander Clark
Missing parts
Hi my wife and I bought a new Cooke & Lewis 1+1/2 sink and also the fitting kit (B) but unfortunately some parts are missing, the bag was sealed so they must have been missing from packaging ? Can you help me please ? We bought the sink and kit from Castorama in France.
Thank you Alec Clark

elsie mcguire
SIA STH50BL 50cm Visor Cooker Hood Kitchen Extractor fan in white,,do u happen to have 1 for sale ty
SIA STH50BL 50cm Visor Cooker Hood Kitchen Extractor fan in white,,do u happen to have 1 for sale ty

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