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You can collect spare parts from our main distribution warehouse of, if you want to visit us, you can find us using the details above or see where we are located on the map below.

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Andy - Oven Repair Company
MAIN oven selector switch
Hi guys,

You did tell me this before, apologies I had forgotten.

ART AR1303
JPD100-6nmp - 00150066

MAIN oven, looks SIMILAR to (may be same as)

Kind regards


07922 856386
The Oven Repair Company Ltd

Please don’t print this unless you need to, be kind to the environment…

On 03/08/2019, 14:57, "Spares" <spares@ukwhi> wrote:

Hi Andy,

In order to track down Britannia spare parts we really need the ART and serial numbers from the rating plate that will be inside the main oven door opening.

The model numbers are often sadly of little use in tracking the correct parts, it's mainly down to the ART number and then the serial number to confirm the age of the machine. This allows us to see the layout as well as

Bush washing machine err E01
Try to locked the door or solve it I cannot what i have to do next

Dr. Ian Wilson
Bosch table top dishwasher
When we first bought the appliance and filled it up with salt, you could see in the little window how much salt had gone in. Now, however, the window is cloudy, and one can't see the salt in there. My wife now uses the dishwasher until the dishes don't wash properly - and then I put some more salt in. This is not very satisfactory.
Is there any way of clearing the little window so the we can see how much salt there is ?

Indesit IWD71251 Spare Parts

I'm looking for a spider for a drum to Indesit IWD71251. Do you have this in your offer? Is any possibility to order?


It is a sealed tank in that model so no drum parts are available.
David Hynd
Bush Tumle Dryer S7SDW Spares
I am trying to source spare for a Bush tumble dryer, model number V7SDW. The dryer is not heating so I assume that it is the heating element or the thermostat.
Linda paton
I bought a brand new cooker in curry’s pc world when I opened the package a small piece was at the bottom this was a part that you need to install the cable to but when I complained to curry’s they phoned logik who then told the girl that they couldent send out a new cooker but would send new parts for me to get it fixed myself this has made me so angry I expect to buy something new to be in working order and not faulty I think you have a cheek to sell a faulty product I will never buy any item made by yourself again thank you linda paton if I don’t hear back within a week I will be taking the matter further
David Marchant
Amica Amica Oven Temperature Control Knob
Hello, I am looking for a Amica Oven Temperature Control Knob for : 1133.3yx product number: 53775 in sliver please can you help the sliver paint has gone .
Cooker hood CLCGLEDS60
I have had your cooker hood fitted into a new build kitchen and was told that it did not need an outside vent. My building inspector will not pass it as he says it needs a vent fitted. Can you advise me please? vNs
Mrs. G Hopkins
CLCGLEDS60 Inox glass cooker hood
I have had the above cooker hood fitted into a new build kitchen. I was told that it didnt need a vent to the outside wall but my building inspector will not pass it. Can you help please?

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