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Fagor washing machine fault codes and spare partsThese fault codes are for Fagor washing machine models that use a digital display up to around about 2008, beyond that we cannot say if these remain unchanged for later Fagor washing machines.

Before you start any investigation of the fault or even remove the lid of the washing machine or washer dryer please read and fully understand this article in full and pay particular attention to the safety and information notices at the bottom of this page as they contain extremely important information!

Please remember to support our site by buying Fagor washing machine spares from our store here and, if you decide that you need an engineer please support the local repairers that help make this site possible, you can search for a Fagor washing machine repairer using the engineer search.

Support and spare parts for Fagor washing machines may be limited since the collapse of the group in 2013.

  Fagor Washing Machine Fault Codes

These fault codes are written for washing machine repairers and not for the general public by Fagor and they assume a certain level of competence on the part of the user in diagnostic routines. We have added some notes to try to assist you in determining the nature of the fault you have but, you will still need to investigate each failure on its own merits. For more help and advice on fault finding on a washing machine please refer to our washing machine fault finding guide from this link before you begin.

Please check that any Fagor washing machine spares recommended are suitable for use on your particular model and serial number. If you are unsure about the suitability of any spare part please ask to ensure that you get the correct spares for your washing machine or washer dryer. Please, don't guess or assume as spares can be altered on a production run with the same model number having several different alternative components used.



Not filled in time allowed (8 Minutes) - washing machine does not fill
  • Check mains water pressure
  • Check inlet hoses for kinks
  • Check inlet filter
  • Check water inlet valve
  • Pressure switch fault
  • Wiring fault



Not drained in time allowed (6 minutes) - washing machine fails to drain water
  • Check that filter is not blocked or obstructed
  • Check drain hose is clear of any blockage or obstruction
  • Check wiring to drain pump
  • Check drain pump is not defective
  • Check level sensor or switch
  • Check wiring to level sensor



Door safety lock error
  • Check door is closed and latched correctly
  • Check wiring
  • Check door lock



NTC fault - temperature sensor detected as either open circuit or shorted
  • Check wiring to temperature sensor
  • Check thermistor



Water heating error detected - Failed to heat for 15 minutes
  • Check wiring to wash heater and thermostats
  • Check wash heater for continuity
  • Check NTC (temperature sensor) probe




Overfill or drain pump not in circuit
  • Check for overfoaming evidence - can trip pressure switch
  • Check wiring to level sensor
  • Check pressure switch is not defective
  • Water inlet valve locked open
  • Check drain pump for continuity



Motor fault detected
  • Check motor connector block
  • Check wiring
  • Check motor carbon brushes if fitted
  • Check tacho connections
  • Check motor



Motor detected as not reversing
  • Check motor connector block
  • Check wiring
  • Check motor carbon brushes
  • Check tacho connections
  • Check motor



Communication error between electronic control boards and wiring
  • Check wiring and harness between control boards
  • Check electronic control modules



Communication error between boards and wiring
  • Check wiring and harness between control boards
  • Check electronic control modules



Communication error between electronic control boards and wiring
  • Check wiring and harness between control boards
  • Check electronic control modules



Out of balance protection activated
  • Note small loads or large laods that cannot be sorted may not spin
  • Sort laundry load and retry to spin

  Fagor Washing Machine Spares

Fagor Group appliances are found using two key pieces of information, what the washing machine model number is and the serial number from the rating plate. We can often find them from the model number because we can eliminate multiple instances on occasion and, we know what we're looking at and for, you often won't. But, even with our knowledge even we will often need the serial number or production code to identify the washing machine correctly and, accordingly, the spares required.

Our advice is very simple, don't guess at it and end up with the wrong parts, contact us from this link and check that you are ordering the correct Fagor spares.

  More Fagor Washing Machine Help, Advice And Guidance

Should you need more help and guidance please use the links from this article as most of them will help you to understand your Fagor washing machine a lot better and probably very much help you in diagnosing the fault you have. Of course there are many other articles on the site that will also help you do this.

In addition you can post in our washing machine forum after registering but please do pay heed to the information below before doing so and read the guides, they are there to help you.

You must understand certain things before you begin or attempt any repairs on your own and we want to make these points very, very clear to anyone that decides to investigate one of these or any other washing machines:

      • We are not responsible for your safety, you are and by using this guide you accept that and accept that any damage that you may cause and work undertaken is entirely at your own risk.
      • We will advise the common causes of the fault codes but we cannot guarantee that any parts or work recommended will resolve the issue. It is entirely your responsibility to diagnose your particular problem and resolve it.
      • We are not responsible for you buying spares that do not resolve the problem, this is down to your own diagnosis not ours.
      • No warranty is inferred, implied or given.

You also have to understand that fault or error codes are not a "magic bullet", they will not tell you what the problem is, they will only offer you an indication of where the problem lies and they are no substitute for good old fashioned diagnostic skills. You can find out more about what fault codes actually tell you in this article. So please be well aware that, even with this new found knowledge you will still have to actually be capable of investigating and diagnosing the problem and this means adhering to basic appliance safety for working on them.

Please do note that manufacturers can and do change fault codes without notice and we cannot guarantee that these error codes will apply to your particular model as all codes apply to a wide range of appliances and not normally any one specific model. To determine if these fault codes do apply to your particular Fagor washing machine or washer dryer model please post a request to confirm this in the forums.

Washing Machine
please send me code to reset washing machine fagor lb25

sami haddad
change lock door reset
Dear Sirs,

Good day.

Just would like to ask for your support to reset my Wash machine fagor serial number FUS 6116 x class A 6kg
1100 rpm
Note: i already change the lock door and doesn\'t working the screen if possible to help me how reset the program ?

Looking forward hearing from you.


If you ask in the forums one of the guys may know, as Fagor have ceased trading we have no way by which to contact them any longer.
Tanya O Callaghan
My machine displayed a fault.. 'something failure' I think. I cannot remember and it is no longer displaying the fault. It did say 'contact the service team' though. I cannot open the door to get my clothes out as the door will not unlock. What would you suggest?
Tanya O Callaghan
My machine had an error message but I cannot remember which one, it did say 'contact service team' though. Now it will not work and I cannot open the door as it will not unlock to get my clothes out. What should I do? Many thanks.
Hi -I had the F04 error message so replaced the door latch. When I switched the power back on the washing machine went bang and it blew the electrics and now there's no power on the machine. Not sure whether to buy a new one or whether this can be fixed cheaply? Advice would be great, thanks.
what symbol on the control panel for a fagor washer dryer 9870 to empty water from the machine
The ISF-84celx model the machine comes on and the tub doesn't spin anymore,is there a way by which I can trouble shoot to diagnose the problem?
Janine Johnstone
could someone please advise how you can open the filter to clean it out. I'd washed my husband's shorts with ties and the plastic end got caught in the drum and not sure now where the end of it so would like to clean the filter out.
keith whittingham
c.ode po4 on display what does this mean

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