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Service engineers when on the road, crawling about under machines and fixing them see some sights.

Some are funny. Some are scary. Some send shivers down your spine. Some are repulsive.

Here we want to demonstrate the kinds of things that these unsung heroes have to put up with on washing machines and washer dryers and while many of these may be more extreme in nature and have some humorous commentary attached, are the sorts of things the guys in the field see all the time...

Please if you have any you can send us email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as we love to see them and will publish them anonymously if required.

The washing machine smells and doesn't work...

washing machine smells bad

"Housing association customer, hadn't used machine in 1.5 years all the while it sat filled with dirty water and he didn't understand why refused to touch it on the grounds of it being a health hazard."

Uhm go figure, we dont' blame you!

What do you mean you can't get it out...

sealed in washing machine

Sent in by Keith Dick, apparently the owner had a mouse phobia so thought this a good idea.

Yes I've checked the installation and it's not that, it's just vibrates badly so there must be a fault...

installed correctly 1

I think we see the problem sir... D'OH you muppet! Oh that's right, we can't say that or the customer service police will hunt us down and shoot us.

It just went on fire all by itself, nobody was near it...

when slugs attack

Nothing to do with the slug that was on the module as you installed the machine in your porch then eh?

This is what happens when slugs attack washing machines, as you installed them where you shouldn't. Genius though, gives the fire brigades something to do.

I can't get the door open...

installed correctly 2

Uhm... Jeez Sherlock, wonder why!

It drains as it fills...

installed correctly 3

There simply aren't the words in the English language!

My washing machine smells of rotten eggs, I want a new one...

washing machine smells

Go figure, wonder what the smell was when this was found behind it!

No there's nothing in, I check the pockets every time I load the machine...

checked pockets

Top job checking, guess you took a note of it with that pen as well!

No we never use too much powder, always just the right amount as we don't want to waste money...

always use the right dose

Okay then, can you tell us why there's two inches of foam when the machine is tested empty then?


The knobs are hard to turn

one careful owner

Ehm, you have to wonder why that is!!

its clean enough

clean enough 2

One careful owner...

I Checked The Filter

A special section dedicated to all the service calls you get where the customer swears blind that they've checked the filter before calling out the service technician for a fault.

And it also makes the users that get a bill for what is no more than a cleanign service as really, they didn't check it at all!

We always check the filter regularly....

we always check the filter

Yeah, sure you do... here's the bill for our cleaning services...

Nope the filter is clean and clear, I've double checked that before calling...

checked filter 1

Uh huh, okay then you did a spiffing job there eh?

No I always check my pockets, there's nothing in the machine at all that shouldn't be there...

checked filter 3

Really, who's machine did you check 'cause it sure wsn't your own?

Which led to you getting a bill for the busted pump, in warranty...

checked filter 2

Have a nice day!

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