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Service engineers when on the road, crawling about under machines and fixing them see some sights.

Some are funny. Some are scary. Some send shivers down your spine. Some are repulsive.

Here we want to demonstrate the kinds of things that these unsung heroes have to put up with on tumble dryers and while many of these may be more extreme in nature and have some humorous commentary attached, are the sorts of things the guys in the field see all the time...

Please if you have any you can send us email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as we love to see them and will publish them anonymously if required.

My tumble dryer smells of burning...

This one is special, it's got three images to highlight how dangerous messing about with electrical stuff can prove to be. Sent in by Steven Withers from in Bristol.

Beko dryer fire plug

Uhm, smell of burning?

beko dryer plug fail

Now we wonder why that is....

beko dryer plug

Maybe it's because the live has been wired to the neutral, the neutral to the live and it's on an extension to boot, which the instructions tell you not to do.

It's not the electrical supply, it's fine I checked that...

electrics are fine

Okay then, of course that's fine, safe and isn't a fire risk...

Yes airflow and access to the tumble dryer are no problem...

access no problem

Right then, this is your definition of "fine" is it?

No the socket is fine, other stuff worked on that it must be the dryer that's faulty...

not the socket

Other stuff worked eh? Pull the other one Pinnochio oh and, here's your bill for the time.

I Always Clean The Filter

If service engineers had a Pound for every time they heard that phrase being uttered!

It's rarely the case sadly. And we think there should be a special place in hell for the people that lie about it.

I clean the filter in accordance with the manufacturer instructions in the handbook...

always clean the filter

Yeah, of course you do...

Yes the filter is cleaned every time we use it...

filter cleaning 2

Yeah sure, we've not heard that before... like every flamin' call!

Oh yes, of course we clean the filter...

filter cleaning 3

...once a decade... maybe!

There's a burning smell and the filters are cleaned every use...

filter cleaning 4

The compacted lint from years of not doing it would be who's fault exactly then?

Of course I always clean the filters...

filter cleaning 5

Really, would you care to revise your statement sir? Luckily this one caught in time before it became a fireball!

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