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Service engineers when on the road, crawling about under machines and fixing them see some sights.

Some are funny. Some are scary. Some send shivers down your spine. Some are repulsive.

Here we want to demonstrate the kinds of things that these unsung heroes have to put up with on dishwashers and while many of these may be more extreme in nature and have some humorous commentary attached, are the sorts of things the guys in the field see all the time...

Please if you have any you can send us email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as we love to see them and will publish them anonymously if required.

It's not the detergent, that fine we only use Finish...

correct detergent

Yeah, okay so that's not you using Fairy is it?

 My dishwasher is full of foam...

fairy in dishwasher

Another one... we sense a pattern here....

My dishwasher is putting dirty spots on stuff...

it is a dishwasher

Gee, wonder why that'd be.. you know they call it a "dishwasher" for a reason don't you?

Bosch SMV53A00GB/29
Fault is that the \"ECO\" button LED is permanently on and time display is 3 hrs 15 minutes. None of the buttons have any effect. If you start it it does work OK.
Tried resetting as per the manual and that works until you turn it on again.
I\'ve unplugged the mains overnight and it\'s just the same.
I\'m fine with electronics and using a meter.

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