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  Dishwasher Tablets

This is much the same as for washing machines but please, if you use tablets, make sure you us a full program and not an economy one as you may not fully dissolve the tablet on some economy programs as they are too short. This is a waste of your money, not to mention potentially clogging your dishwasher with a bit of un-dissolved tablet and the environmental concern. If you find bits of un-dissolved tablet in your dishwasher then go back to using soap powder and be happy with it because you are saving money and unnecessary pollution!

A typical dishwasher soap tabletThe only other thing to remember, again, is use a quality product that way if you have any problems you can often get help from the detergent manufacturer as well as the manufacturer that made the machine.

Almost all dishwasher engineers will always recommend separate products to their customers, yes we know it can be a bit more awkward and that the "all-in-one" tablet seems a boon but if you stop and think about it it's not really.

How can you regulate or change the dosage if you're using a tablet? You may well be simply throwing money away for no better results other than it's a bit easier to carry from the supermarket.

Across the UK there are huge regional variations in water hardness and cleanliness and one size does not fit all in our opinion.

  Tablets We Do Like

The tablets that we do like are the like of Fairy one that are essentially powder in a disovleable bag.

These don't give anything like the problems we see with what are known as "hard pressed" tablets that are common for budget tablets (supermarket own labels and so on) as well as even being used commonly by Finish.


Some dishwashers with ECO or short cycles will not work with some tablets, especially hard pressed ones.

A number of dishwasher models now come with a special program just for tablet use, they take longer and wash at higher temperatures to ensure that the tablet fully dissolves.

Keep in mind, if you have a problem with tablets not disolving that most probably it will be the program you've used that caused it.

  Rinse Aid

Almost everyone we speak to thinks they don't need this as, it's in the "all-in-one" wonder tablet that they use.

Well, not really.

The tabs do a reasonable job of mimicking rinse aid use but, not perfect. Far from it on occasion.

We recommend using rinse aid as it will improve the results, you wil see less streaking on your dishes and they will appear cleaner.

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